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Simultaneous interpreting for traditional conferences

There are many difficulties when setting up a conference with interpreters or booths during any kind of event. Making use of Rafiky is going to provide an outstanding solution that allows the remote interpreting to be conducted and this can be achieved with traditional devices as well as smartphones and other devices.


We can help you with any kind of Event or Meeting. The Good News Is, You Have Options.


 Rely on Rafiky for your conference, thanks to our technology we offer a fast and convenient service, which allows the best experience to participants, without the need for bulky booths in the hall.

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Rafiky lets you stream audio to all the participants, no matter in which country they are and how many languages they need.


Enhance the power of webinars with multilingual audiences. Now you are going to be able to get everyone to understand each other during the event. This kind of flexibility makes the use of Rafiky essential for those who are looking for maximum engagement.

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We can help you fix this. With Rafiky, you will be able to stream interpretation to multiple languages at once while your webinar video keeps on rolling!


There is nothing more frustrating for executives than having to deal with language barriers during corporate meetings, but that is a thing of the past when you make use of Rafiky. The power to allow executives to communicate with ease during these meetings is outstanding.

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With Rafiky, you can easily host your meetings from your headquarters and everyone will be able to attend remotely.

If board members do not share a common language or feel uncomfortable speaking a foreign language, the Rafiky platform is an excellent solution to facilitate communication and create trust. No booths take up precious space and no interpreters have to be present in the room, giving the meeting a more private and confidential character.


Be it for museums or for any kind of tour, you can have all in attendance connected to Rafiky to obtain live interpreting and make the tour a pleasant and informative process for everyone. This means that no one is going to feel like they are being left out during the tour.

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Rafiky app can also be used for smaller audiences, for instance, within the museum sector and for guide tours. Just imagine how easy it could be to lead multilingual groups of people and not worry that anyone might feel left out?



With Rafiky’s platform you can offer professional simultaneous interpreting at your press conference for as many languages as you want, without having to order booths or to book interpreters in advance — at just a few hours’ notice.

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With the use of Rafiky, you will find that any training of workshop can be offered to an international audience. Live translations are made easy with this powerful app.

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The participants might have a certain understanding of the presenter’s language, but only interpreting into their mother tongue will assure a correct understanding of the matter discussed.

All the coach/presenter needs is a laptop and a USB microphone. No equipment needs to be installed, as participants hear the interpreter through their own smart-devices.


Rafiky WebMeet was built for hosting web meetings and video conferencing in multiple languages.


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Rafiky can be integrated with popular and highly reliable options such as Skype for Business, Cisco WebEx, GoToMeeting, Zoom and many other relevant conferencing solutions. This level of flexibility makes it an outstanding solution that is second to none in the industry. 

Do you need to participate in a fair in a foreign country, or to host an exhibition? Rafiky is the most functional and pocket-sized solution for this type of need!
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We offer our service anytime, anywhere. With a few simple clicks you will be able to get in touch with a professional interpreter, with experience in the field of reference, who can assist you in the continuation of the fair you are attending or that you want to organize.

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