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Over 20,000 Government and Non-Governmental Organization trust our universal Interpreting Solutions.

At Rafiky we believe your business deserves the best translation and interpretation services for all your conferences, seminar, etc.

Professional Interpretation Services

Professional Interpretation Services is needed by business and organization around the world for effective communication, from one-to-one conversation to huge conferences. The importance of interpretation can’t be overlooked.

At Rafiky we offer a range of translation and interpreting services all designed to help our clients increase engagement with customers, employees, etc.

Our clients do have a wide range of universal interpreting solutions to choose from, all streamlined to meet their goals.

Rafiky Interpreters are highly experienced and skilled, and their language ability is really outstanding.

We want to help your business communicate what it needs to and when it needs to.


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We do deliver the following Translation and interpretation services in more than 80 Language pairing

Simultaneous Interpretation

Talking about professional Interpretation Services, what comes to mind is the traditional translation and interpretating services, where interpreters sit in booths, translate the speaker’s words in real-time, so that to let the event’s participants listen in their own languages. Our Remote Simultaneous Interpretation beats this, because there is no need for heavy hardware and because our interpreters do perform in a way that you can get the translation anywhere.

Conference Interpretation

Our conference interpretation service means using a universal interpretation solution, through which deliver large-scale events to attendees from around the world.

With our unique conference interpretation, event organizer can now choose the best speakers from around the world.

At Rafily, our professional interpretation services will help you translate your event’s speech, so that attendees of all nationalities can be engaged in their native language.

Consecutive Interpretation

This type of interpretation includes one-to-one discussion and its well suited for smaller meetings, which allows you to conduct your business smoothly and efficiently.

At Rafiky, we care about your business growth and success; our universal interpreting solutions provide discreet services that will stun all your meetings attendees.

Our interpreters are trained to provide a blend of professionalism and approachability.

Why Choose Us?

High-quality professional Interpreting services. 

We will work round the clock to make sure that you will receive only the best translation and interpretation services form our interpreters.

Efficient Professional Interpreters.

Our interpreters are professional and equipped with the proper skills needed for your conferences, meetings and webinars.

Super-Fast Delivery.

We know how stressful can be running a business, and we understand that sometimes you may need professional interpretation services in a hurry. Our universal interpreting solutions can be booked at short notice with focus on super-fast delivery.

Are you ready to increase your event attendee’s engagement with our professional interpretation services?

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