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Trust Rafiky’s interpreters! The best remote interpreters, for your every need.

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We have an extensive network of highly professional and experienced multilingual interpreters. We can provide any language or combination of languages anywhere, anytime, thanks to our remote simultaneous interpretation platform.

The interpreters we provide and work with undergo a thorough recruitment process as part of our quality assurance. This ensures that the interpreters are able to do what you need.


Online Events

Professional Interpreters

Specialists and certificates

The interpreters we provide through our training courses are evaluated according to the highest standards. These interpreters are subject to online interviews, skill tests, IT tests and competence and specialization tests.

After passing the tests, these interpreters are then trained on how to use the Rafiky platform, ensuring that they are able to use it flawlessly.

Highly qualified

All the interpreters we work with are professionally trained and have a degree in conference interpreting from an established university or institute.

At any stage, we can provide professional and multilingual interpreters for any event, anywhere. Let us know your needs.



Experts in the field

Our professional interpreters know their subject(s) in depth and have an established background in their particular area. Our specialized interpreters have experience in life sciences, finance, legal and intergovernmental fields and all have an average of 15 years of interpreting experience.

This level of expertise and experience makes our interpreters suitable for high profile and/or technical events.



Quality assurance

To give you peace of mind, our interpreters sign non-disclosure agreements before working with clients, so if you have sensitive content that is shared with our interpreters, that information is safe.

In addition, our interpreters are monitored and evaluated periodically to ensure maximum performance.