Not only online events, but unique experiences.

We will take care of the complete management of your online event, accompanying you in every phase of the project.

We will combine professionalism, respect for timing and attention to detail, the utmost attention to every aspect, for a unique experience for all participants. 


Rafiky XP

Whether it’s promoting activities or products, conducting interviews, holding workshops, webinars or online courses, organizing an online event is not easy at all.

It will be necessary to define objectives and strategies, create work plans, agendas and questionnaires, take care of collateral marketing and management of the participants, without neglecting the purely technical part.

Rafiky’s team will take care of every aspect of your online event, for a unique 360 degree experience.







Online Events

Professional Interpreters




We will take care of every detail.

We will accompany you, advise and guide you, from the beginning to the end of the project.

We will put you in a position to realize a successful event with minimal effort.




We will preliminarily take care of the collateral marketing, i.e. the creation of the marketing material necessary for the promotion of the product/service (creation of the website dedicated to the event with customer’s logo/brand/brand, brochures, videos, technical documentation, streaming of the social media conference, etc.).


Through a dedicated training, we will show you step by step how to realize your online conference, suggesting ways, timing and common practices.

(In case interpreting service is also required, a training session for interpreters will also be provided).




We will carry out all the necessary tests in order to guarantee the best user experience: we will check connections and networks, correct functioning of technical devices and equipment, audio and video systems.

Our team of experts will also be ready at any time to solve any technical problems or malfunctions.

























 We will take care of the entire management: registration forms for participants, agenda, invitations, e-mail campaign, reminders and any other information useful to participants at your event. 

Invitations, emails and communications will always be personalized with the customer’s logo/brand.



























– Video HD / Audio cristallino

– White Label Service (possibilità per il Cliente di mantenere il proprio brand/logo/marchio)

– Screen sharing (condivisione di contenuti multimediali, presentazioni, immagini attraverso lo schermo)

– Fino a 1000 partecipanti video e 5000 spettatori

– Gallery View

– Live Chat

– Rafiky Rooms

… e molto altro!



























 Our technicians:

– will verify in advance the proper functioning of devices, hardware and connections

– will clarify to speakers and participants every aspect related to the functioning of the systems

– will respond, via chatroom, to any question or request from participants

– will be able to solve any possible technical problem. 


Report finale (steaming duration, votazioni effettuate, statistiche)

Media Library (Video/Audio Recording HD, Video Editing)


























Every phase of your project, from the creation of the collateral marketing of the event, the registration of individual users, the management of invitations, reminders and communications to participants, to the final collection of feedback, will be carried out by our team.

We will work alongside you, providing specialized support throughout the duration of the project, in order to achieve the same goal: the complete success of the event and the full satisfaction of all participants.

Our mission is to guarantee the highest quality standard in terms of user experience to each registered user.

We will respond to your needs, putting you in the conditions to realize a successful event with minimum effort.

For more info, contact us! We will answer all your questions.




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