Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

What is simultaneous remote interpreting and how does it work? Find out more about the future of interpretation!


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Simultaneous remote interpretation offers  an interpreting service in any language in real time. You will not need to have one or more interpreters on site or the cumbersome equipment that is part of the world of traditional interpreting. 

Reducing, or sometimes even eliminating, the costs of audio and video equipment, our remote simultaneous interpreting platform, provides an unrivaled quality service on today’s market.
 Remote video interpreting  is ideal for any type of international event or meeting. If the quality of the video interpreted remotely  is perfect and the audio is crystal clear, it will take just a few simple steps to create a successful event. The application blends the power of cloud technology with modern devices to facilitate interpreting technique: this type of process allows everyone to communicate easily, taking advantage of  simultaneous interpreting at a distance  through smartphones, tablets or computers. The application is intuitive, powerful, and free of bugs or glitches that are responsible for interference in the communication process; It works for any type of meeting or event, in any language and in real time, ensuring an excellent quality service every time, just like in traditional interpreting but without the bulky translation booths and the associated costs and assembly/disassembly time required.

All you need is a device (pc, laptop or smartphone) with a good Internet connection, to take advantage of a professional interpreting service, with immediate communication between speakers of different languages.

A simple app on the outside, a whole new world on the inside.

Just choose the language you need and you can, with a simple click, participate in video conferences, press conferences, webinars, company meetings and more: Rafiky’s remotely interpreted video solutions are designed for events of any kind and type.

Wherever they are in the world, professional and qualified interpreters will be able to translate any type of message into the requested language. In addition, the live chat feature will allow the interpreter to hold conversations during breaks and/or make specific requests during the event.



remotely connected

  • Flexibility
  • Real time video and audio
  • Audio/Video Quality
  • Live Chat with the Interpreter
  • Live Chat with the Project Manager Onsite
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Success Stories

We turned to Rafiky to avoid the technical equipment costs and installation time required. We couldn’t be happier. The system is infallible and the quality is excellent. We got in touch with the interpreter within seconds, without any connection problems during each conference.

Angel W.

I had a chance to work with Rafiky’s team for a year. They were very helpful in explaining how the software works and how I could get in touch with the interpreters. For my company Rafiky is an essential help for my multilingual events.

Debra B.

Switching to simultaneous remote interpreting has changed my business! Thanks to the collaboration with Rafiky I can organize conferences avoiding the organization of technicians and interpreters, the prices are very affordable for a service that offers the same quality. Highly recommended!

John W.

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