Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

What is simultaneous remote interpreting (or RSI) and how does it work? We have written a simple explanation to help you keep up with the times.

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Remote Simultaneous Remote Interpreting (RSI) allows you to translate in real time into any language. This means that it will not be necessary to have interpreters on site or the equipment they need to bring with them. It reduces costs and provides the same level of results, with high quality audio.

Remote translations are ideal for any type of international event or meeting. The audio and video quality is exceptional and the real-time audio is equipped with a live chat function for the interpreter. This will allow you to have conversations during breaks and make specific requests during the event.


We Make it Easy to Connect With Users On Every Platform

The app merges the power of cloud technology with modern devices to facilitate this process. This means that the process takes place effortlessly, and this allows everyone to communicate with ease. The app is intuitive, powerful and free of bugs or glitches that could disrupt the communication process.

This application works for any meeting and any type of event, but the most important thing is that this technology is creating a completely new alternative that connects people who speak completely different languages.



remotely connected

  • Flexibility
  • Real time video and audio
  • Audio/Video Quality
  • Live Chat with the Interpreter
  • Live Chat with the Project Manager Onsite

Success Stories

We turned to Rafiky to avoid the technical equipment costs and installation time required. We couldn’t be happier. The system is infallible and the quality is excellent. We got in touch with the interpreter within seconds, without any connection problems during each conference.

Angel Witicker

I had a chance to work with Rafiky’s team for a year. They were very helpful in explaining how the software works and how I could get in touch with the interpreters. For my company Rafiky is an essential help for my multilingual events.

Debra Becker

Switching to simultaneous remote interpreting has changed my business! Thanks to the collaboration with Rafiky I can organize conferences avoiding the organization of technicians and interpreters, the prices are very affordable for a service that offers the same quality. Highly recommended!

John Wise

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