Video interpreted remotely

Remote video interpreting what is it and how does it work? Find out more about our remote interpreting service!

Open the doors to innovation with Remote Video Interpretation

Remote video interpreting provides the assistance of an online interpreter in any language and in real-time. There is no need to have one or more interpreters on-site or the bulky equipment that has traditionally characterized the interpreting world.

By reducing or even eliminating the costs associated with audio and video equipment, our remote interpreting service provides unparalleled quality in today's market.

Remote interpreting is ideal for any type of international event or meeting. With maximum video quality and crystal-clear audio, just a few simple steps are enough to create a successful event. The application combines the power of cloud technology with modern devices to facilitate interpreting, allowing everyone to communicate easily using remote simultaneous interpretation through smartphones, tablets, or computers. The application is intuitive, powerful, and free of bugs or glitches that could interfere with the communication process. It works for any type of meeting or event, with any language and in real-time, ensuring the excellence of a consistently high-quality service, just like traditional interpreting but without the bulky translation booths and the associated costs and setup/teardown times.

All you need is a device (PC, laptop, or smartphone) with a good internet connection to access professional interpreting services with immediate communication between speakers of different languages. An online network of interpreters will help you handle any kind of emergency!


Remote Video Interpreting

By simply selecting the desired language, you can participate in video conferences, press conferences, webinars, corporate meetings, or any type of event with just a click. Rafiky's solutions are designed for events of any kind and type.

No matter where they are in the world, professional and qualified online interpreters will be able to translate any type of message into the target language. In addition, the live chat feature allows the online interpreter to have conversations during breaks or make specific requests during the event.

Remote simultaneous interpretation




Unrivaled Flexibility: Instant access to interpreters, any language, any event size, from anywhere, anytime.


Real-time video and audio

Experience seamless real-time video and audio interpretation with our platform, ensuring instant and effective communication.


Audio/video quality

Our platform delivers flawless audio and video quality, ensuring clear and uninterrupted communication for seamless remote interpreting.


Live Chat with online Interpreters

Our platform offers a game-changing feature: Live Chat with Online Interpreters. Break down language barriers instantly


Live Chat with the onsite project manager

Connect with on-site manager in real-time for personalized support and a seamless remote interpreting experience.