Rafiky FAQ

Capacity and features

Are there different streaming options? Is it possible to record conference audio? Is it possible to pre-record the translation and then stream it during the event? What is the audio quality? What versions of Windows or Mac OS does Rafiky support? What mobile operating systems does Rafiky support? Is it possible to have multiple translations at the same time? How many language options can the app support at once? Can interpreters change the language during the stream? How do you select the desired input? Is it possible to collect feedback from participants through the app? Is it possible to know how many people are listening to the conference?

Are there different streaming options?

Yes it is possible to follow the streaming of an event in three ways: while participants will be able to connect to the stream via Wi-Fi. The audio will be transmitted directly through the local network. simply by dialing a telephone number. 1. Local stream: Internet access will be required for the broadcaster 2. Remote listening via Wi-Fi/3G/4G/LTE: you will be able to listen to the audio stream from anywhere. Just enter the 'location code' to connect to the stream while using mobile data or any available Wi-Fi. 3. Call option: it will also be possible to connect to the audio stream via call