Rafiky FAQ

Who is involved?


We only select project managers, audio-video technicians and expert IT technicians , able to provide the customer with all the necessary support in every phase of the project, from the initial request to the delivery of the final product.



Thanks to a network of over 6000 linguists we are able to provide linguistic services in more than 200 languages. We select only the best profiles of professional translators and interpreters , enrolled in the most important national and international trade associations, with specific skills in the various scientific-cultural sectors (juridical, legal, medical, scientific, financial, economic, etc.)

We are also the only translation and interpreting agency in Italy that does not require additional costs or percentages on the activity of our interpreters. We know how important their work is and we want to protect it!


We provide event attendees with everything needed to make each user experience unique ! 

Just download the app for free to listen to any conference in the desired language. 

Complete guide to using Rafiky, free pre-event demos and tests and 24/7 support will allow users to participate in any type of event, from the comfort of their home or workplace.

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Revolutionize your event with Rafiky!