Case Study


As part of a cycle of initiatives on alternative mobility and smart cities, Volkswagen asked Rafiky for technical support: a flexible and practical remote interpreting service, at low costs and without cumbersome equipment.

The solution? The most advanced technology in the interpreting sector, practical and extremely functional.

Remote Simultaneous Interpreter for Volkswagen


The client

An established commercial reality that needs no introduction.

Born in the 1930s, the car manufacturer now enjoys a reputation that knows no bounds.

When a customer of the caliber of Volkswagen, whose cornerstones are technology and innovation, requires an interpreting service, it demands technological and innovative solutions.

An excellent service at the service of excellence.

The most advanced technology in the interpreting field

A revolutionary remote interpreting software that combines needs for practicality, quality and effectiveness.

Rafiky allows you to take advantage of simultaneous remote interpretation (IRS) simply through smartphones, tablets or computers, in any language and in real time, reducing costs and ensuring the excellence of a quality service every time, just like in traditional interpreting but without the bulky translation booths and the associated costs and time of assembly/disassembly required.

It will be enough to have a device (pc, laptop or smartphone) with a good Internet connection, to take advantage of a professional interpreting service, with immediate communication between speakers of different languages.



Participants arranged in 8 different rooms. Participants streaming in different virtual rooms.

4 language combinations per room

Each Room needs simultaneous translation into 4 languages 

8 interpreters

Streaming event in 4 languages! A team of interpreters arranged in different parts of the world. 

96 hours notice

Only 96 hours to oranize all the necessary aspects.


Having agreed on the details of the event and defined the number of participants, the Rafiky team conducted an online demonstration on the use of the software.

Each participant received the access credentials to the platform and detailed instructions to follow the event remotely.

So Rafiky responded, in a simple way, to a request for a simple solution, eliminating time and costs related to the organization of the equipment but at the same time ensuring the success of the event.

The customer was impressed by the simplicity of communication: the participants themselves were able to see the intuitiveness of the software, the crystal clear audio and the quality of the interpreting service personally.



“The practicality of the software is extraordinary. It takes just a few simple steps to enjoy a quality service from your smartphone. Thanks to Rafiky for providing us with a unique service

Jhon F.


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