Case Study


Thanks to the remote function, Rafiky was instrumental in the organization and success of a conference that represented an important moment of exchange and sharing of experiences and information: all in real time, with minimal costs and the excellence of a quality service.

Remote Simultaneous Interpreter for Novartis Customer


The Client

Founded in 1996 by the union of Cyba-Geigy and Sandoz, Novartis is now a leading global health group and one of the largest pharmaceutical groups in our nation, with offices throughout the country.

Among the world leaders in the development of innovative drugs in the main therapeutic areas, in the production and marketing of generic and biosimilar drugs, in 2018 Novartis welcomed the company Advanced Accelerator Applications (AAA), specializing in radiopharmaceuticals. For an industry-leading group like Novartis, who are constantly engaged in information and outreach activities, good communication is key.

Knowing that you can count on a fast and convenient service able to guarantee the best experience to the participants, and knowing that you can do it with extreme simplicity and often on a short notice, is essential: Novartis does not like to define Rafiky as a service provider but a partner that you can count on at any time.
With more than … successfully completed projects, the long-established collaboration between Novartis and Rafiky represents a new resource for the transmission, sharing and exchange of experiences in the health service.

The most advanced technology in the interpreting field

A revolutionary remote interpreting software that combines needs for practicality, quality and effectiveness.

Rafiky allows you to take advantage of simultaneous remote interpretation (IRS) simply through smartphones, tablets or computers, in any language and in real time, reducing costs and ensuring the excellence of a quality service every time, just like in traditional interpreting but without the bulky translation booths and the associated costs and time of assembly/disassembly required.

It will be enough to have a device (pc, laptop or smartphone) with a good Internet connection, to take advantage of a professional interpreting service, with immediate communication between speakers of different languages.



Participants arranged in 8 different rooms. Participants streaming in different virtual rooms. 

8 language combinations per room

Each Room needs simultaneous translation into 8 languages

16 interpreters

Streaming event in 8 languages! A team of interpreters arranged in different parts of the world. 

48 hours notice

Only 48 hours to oranize all the necessary aspects.


After carrying out all the necessary tests the day before the event, Rafiky’s team deployed all their resources to ensure the success of the event. Today we are proud to have provided support to Novartis for the realization of an event of such great global importance, and to continue every day, thanks to this solid collaboration, to put our platform at the service of health.

The success of the event was our success and customer satisfaction our greatest gratification



“It’s amazing how Rafiky’s team immediately activated to meet our request. In 48 hours it was possible to create a conference call with 300 participants. The app is very easyto use: we were given all the detailed information to access the platform and all the steps to follow; the guys on the team didn’t leave us for a moment, making sure everything went out in the best possible way. Rafiky has proved to be a valuable discovery and is now an essential help for our society

Michael G.


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