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Your streaming multilingual meeting: the Rafiky advantage over Zoom

Top-notch security, full customization, user-friendly software and 24/7 remote support. Everything you need for a successful multilingual streaming event is online and it’s called Rafiky! If you are looking for an advanced and secure solution for managing your multilingual streaming events, Rafiky is the ultimate platform. Rafiky is not a streming software for video calls […]

Remote meetings: pros and cons of an evolved form of business collaboration

emote meetings have quickly established themselves as a flexible, state-of-the-art business tool, enabling distributed teams to collaborate effectively regardless of their geographic location. However, the security of these virtual meetings has become an issue of increasing importance. In this article, we will thoroughly explore the pros and cons of remote meetings, with a focus on […]

Remote interpreting to expand your business globally

In the increasingly interconnected world of business, global expansion has become a priority for many companies. The slogan “GO GLOBAL” is now a must, but how prepared are companies actually for the language challenges along the way? Rafiky presents itself as the ultimate solution, breaking down language barriers through its remote interpreting service. In this […]

Corporate meetings in video conferencing: connecting people and locations with an app.

In recent years, online interpreting has evolved significantly, becoming an essential component for many Italian companies. With the growing need to communicate and collaborate remotely, companies have increasingly relied on tools such as video conferencing apps, remote business meetings, and multilingual integrations with platforms such as Zoom and Teams. In this article, we will explore […]

Face-to-face event and interpreting services via app

Face-to-face event and interpreting services via app

Interpreting services provided via app but for a face-to-face event. Can you believe it?! On November 17, Rafiky provided his app for the “Roadshow” event held in Milan. We could define it as the pilot episode of an interesting – and we hope – long series. The event was an incredible success. Although this new […]

Remote simultaneous interpreting: The three main non-EU countries with which Italy do business

Remote simultaneous interpreting: the three main non-EU countries with which Italian companies do business.

Remote simultaneous interpreting remains one of the major trends born in recent years. Its practicality and functionality have reached the heights of the world of interpreting in and outside Europe. Its strength coincides with the ability to be provided regardless of physical distances. When organizing an event using the old-school version of simultaneous interpreting, the […]

Remote simultaneous interpreting: service continuity guaranteed

Remote interpreting: service continuity guaranteed

Remote interpreting can be a lifeline when organizing international congresses and conferences. Let’s see why. Organizing an international event requires the presence of linguistic mediators and interpreting services. From the moment in which the participation of the event is extended to people of different nationalities and cultures, the intervention of professional interpreters and simultaneous translators […]

Final Conference - DIVE IN European Project with simultaneous interpreting by Rafiky

Final Conference – DIVE IN European Project with simultaneous interpreting by Rafiky

On November 5, Rafiky made its hosting platform available to one of the most famous universities in Italy and provided remote simultaneous interpreting services. The DIVE IN European project was born in order to produce training materials and innovative initiatives in the face of growing radicalization among the youngest individuals of the population of many […]

Simultaneous translation | Every time a business needs it

Simultaneous translation | Every time a business needs it

Simultaneous translation services have a longer history than you think. The role of simultaneous translators and interpreters has grown steadily over the years through official recognition by associations, governmental and institutional bodies. The figure of the simultaneous translator acquires an inestimable value since man for the first time in history needed to communicate with individuals […]

The main features of simultaneous translation

The main features of simultaneous translation

What is simultaneous translation? What does it consist of and when is it used? What are the advantages of remote simultaneous translation? How can it differ from a traditional simultaneous translation service? Technology keeps on developing while influencing areas and aspects of the daily life of all individuals and companies. Over the past twenty years, […]

2ND GECO SOCIAL ECONOMY MISSION WORKSHOP – simultaneous interpretation and Rafiky platform

2ND GECO SOCIAL ECONOMY MISSION WORKSHOP – simultaneous interpretation and Rafiky platform

On 23 September, the Rafiky platform hosted the remote event “ECONOMICS AND BEST PRACTICES OF PES SCHEMES” and provided simultaneous translation and interpretation services. The focus of the event was on the presentation and discussion of the so-called payment schemes for ecosystem services (PES schemes). Speakers of different nationalities took turns during the virtual meeting. […]

International Day of Sign Languages 2021, 23 September

International Day of Sign Languages | September 23, 2021

The International Day of Sign Languages ​​is celebrated on 23 September. Proclaimed starting from 2017, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) has set this date to celebrate this language, which is fundamental for communication with communities of deaf people. The proposal to establish a world day for sign languages ​​was put forward by the World […]

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation - Virtual events in multiple languages

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation – Virtual events in multiple languages

The remote simultaneous interpretation service is ideal for any type of international event or meeting. All you need is an electronic device and a stable internet connection. Nothing simpler and cheaper is available to reach your contacts abroad and allow immediate communication with interlocutors of different nationalities. The advantage of remote interpreting is that an […]

"JOURNEY" Project: Final Conference with simultaneous interpretation

“JOURNEY” Project: Final Conference on Rafiky with simultaneous interpretation

On 8th September, Rafiky provided its web-conferencing platform and simultaneous interpretation services for the “Final Conference about the JOURNEY project funded with the support of the European Commission and co-financed by the EU Erasmus + Program. The name of the JOURNEY project is nothing more than the acronym for “Joint Organization to Unite Rural Networks […]

Hybrid event G20 Meeting 2021 | Rafiky App

Hybrid event: G20 Meeting 2021| Rafiky app

The G20 was held on 6th September in the form of a hybrid event, in which we were able to attend the intervention of Minister D.Franco. The hybrid event has increasingly taken hold in the world of event organization, especially following the strong conditions and limitations imposed by the lockdown and COVID-19. The hybrid system […]

BREXIT - What will be the official language of the EU after Brexit?

What will be the official EU language after Brexit?

After Brexit, we have been discussing what effects this divorce from the EU would have in a geopolitical sense, what about the trade relations and the official EU language. Will English still remain the official EU language? Or will there be a slow process of settling a new language? By now, English has been consolidated […]

sign language interpreting in digital

Sign language and new technologies. Interpreting in LIS in the digital era

In a “knowledge society” like ours, sign language interpreting manages to ride the wave and make the most of digital and technological communication tools in order to make information accessible to everyone. In recent years we have witnessed an acceleration of digitalization at a global level. We may have heard of a “global media village”, […]

Rafiky's app and integration with other webconferencing platforms: beyond remote interpreting

Rafiky’s app & integrations with other web-conferencing platforms: beyond remote interpreting

The innovative Rafiky app, through integration with another famous web-conferencing platform, has allowed the interpreters of its network to provide remote interpreting services in an effective and professional way. The Tosti room of the Aurum, in the Adriatic capital of Pescara, was the stage for the 3rd steering committee of the E-Citijens project on 27-28 […]

Consecutive Interpretation for an event held in Florence

Event at the Marino Marini Museum in Florence and consecutive interpretation

For the days of 24 and 28 July, Rafiky provided a consecutive interpretation service for an event held in presence in Florence. ReUse Italy aims to promote cultural and educational activities about the restoration or re-use of buildings and historical constructions forgotten in Italy. In collaboration with state organizations, institutes, famous architects and the local […]

Simultaneous translation and interpretation Services

Interpretation by Rafiky for event held by NHOA e TCC (Taiwan Cement Corporation)

Interpreters from the Rafiky network provided simultaneous face-to-face interpretation service for the event on 23 July, in Milan, wanted and organized by the NHOA and Taiwan Cement Corporation. Last Friday, a conference was held in Milan at the behest of TCC, in order to finalize and formalize the acquisition of 60.48% of the issued share […]

Remote interpreting services for an event in dental industry

Remote interpreting services on MS Teams through Rafiky’s app for event in dental industry

The Rafiky app has been used lately to host simultaneous translation and remote simultaneous interpreting services for an event in the medical-scientific industry. The client, the University of Palermo, wanted to organize an online event, whose argument was in the dental field – “MANAGEMENT OF PSEUDO-CLASS III MALOCCLUSIONS”. A series of doctors, members of the […]

Servizi di interpretariato remoto per il settore fashion&luxury

Fashion & Digital: remote interpreting services via Rafiky for Fabiana Filippi

Rafiky had the honor of hosting its platform in recent weeks for remote interpreting services for the fashion & luxury sector event, held by Fabiana Filippi Spa. We have seen a strong acceleration in digitization for various sectors, from catering to the fashion sector. The fashion houses have seized the opportunity to invest in digital […]

interpreting services

Interpreting services for hybrid event “EXCELLENCE IN DENTISTRY 4.0”

Rafiky again offered its hosting platform as a virtual space to allow interpreters to operate remote simultaneous interpreting services for the hybrid event “Global Event Tokuyama” – “EXCELLENCE IN DENTISTRY 4.0 – THE TOKU-GLOBAL FESTIVAL LIVE FROM VENICE”. The cycle of events and conferences, organized by Meetec and planned in hybrid mode, ended on 12 […]

remote interpretation service

Remote interpretation by Rafiky for DOCK-BI event

Remote interpretation service by Rafiky played a crucial role to keep getting people from all around the world connected to one another once again. Tuesday, June 15, 2021: the international webinar “Development of connections between the key ports of Brindisi and Igoumenitsa“, organized by the Port System Authority of the Southern Adriatic Sea (AdSP MAM), […]

hybrid event


On May 26, the hybrid event “FOSTERING LOCAL DEVELOPMENT THROUGH TOURISM” was held, organized by Alda (European Association for Local Democracy) and funded by the EU. The event is intended as a moment of discussion and dialogue about the “Citizens’ voice and actions in consolidated communities of Armenia” project. The goal of the project is […]

Telephone interpreting VS video interpreting

Telephone interpreting and video interpreting: what’s the difference?

Rafiky offers telephone and video interpreting services, in line with the needs of its customers and with the latest trends in the world of interpretation and event organization. Online interpreting services are very successful because they are meant to be a professional and innovative solution to overcome linguistic and physical barriers. Companies can easily organize […]

liaison interpreting

What’s liaison interpreting and why is it so important?

Liaison interpreting is one of the oldest forms of linguistic interpretation, and one of the most requested in the business field today. In an international context, where negotiations are often the focus of business meetings, what must be managed appropriately and accurately is the communication with the counterpart. Since ancient times, populations and tribes of […]

conference interpretation

Conference interpretation for large-scale international events

When it comes to a large-scale international event, the conference interpretation service may be necessary to hold a business meeting with your partners and your customers. Communication is the basis of all social, but also economic and commercial relationships. It is essential that, in order to convey a message effectively and with conviction, you rely […]

Remote interpreting in videoconferencing for hybrid event

Habemus hybrid events, and remote interpreting for videoconferencing

Whether it’s a physical, virtual, or hybrid event, one thing is for sure: remote interpreting for videoconferencing can be useful and practical in any case! The rediscovery of videoconferencing We are witnessing a radical change in the “seasonality” of residential events. With the lockdown on his heels, last year saw an annihilation of the events […]

Remote interpreting and Sign language

Remote interpreting and Sign Language by Rafiky for “Small Museums Alliance Representing Territories” (SMART) project

Rafiky is such innovative that, among its services, has included remote interpreting services and simultaneous translation for sign language too, in view of attendance of the hearing impaired. One of its latest and greatest performances in that direction has been for a series of events about the SMART project, held by Alda association. Webinar days […]

Rafiky web conferencing software

All you need is Rafiky web conferencing software!

The world of interpreting and translation teems with web conferencing software. Certain historical moments have influenced greater digitalization and accessibility of video conferencing. The most fitting example is the lockdown period, which put the event industry in chains for several months, and which then forced it to reinvent itself in a digital sense. The readjustment […]

Remote interpreting for Cultural Diversity

Remote interpreting for World Day for Cultural Diversity

Rafiky’s remote interpreting is the way to honor cultural diversity. Exactly ten years after the adoption of the Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity by UNESCO, the United Nations General Assembly established the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development in 2002. The anniversary, which takes place annually on 21 May, is intended to […]

Rafiky app for Games Coin

Rafiky app for online event about Games Coin

On May 12, 2021, one of the most famous web conferencing platforms hosted a webinar about Games Coin, of which multi-language communication was conveyed by interpreters from Congressi Internazionali working on Rafiky app. The world of Bitcoin and blockchain is filled with projects on gaming online too. Most of the event was meant to show […]

Rafiky app - remote interpretarion service

Rafiky app for FOA.GE event online

For the event “La casa e lo spazio pubblico”, held by Fondazione Ordine Architetti PPC di Genova (FOA.GE) on 13th May, Rafiky app was meant to let interpreters provide remote interpretation services. The event has been the second round of a series of meetings, scheduled in the context of the “Fragile” edition promoted by FOA.GE. […]

cybersecurity and Rafiky platform

Cybersecurity: you’re safe with Rafiky!

Consider Rafiky connect as your own place. As such, we promise, for any event set up, to defend every day your privacy on behalf of CyberSecurity. As soon as technology has come into everyday life, we needed to supervise our exposure to the risk of privacy violation. Government entities took action in this direction by […]

Rafiky connect per eventi online

Rafiky connect for Dyson: online event in total security

Rafiky connect for your online meeting means quality, professionalism, and precision. There are months in which production slows down and months in which it speeds up. This period is one of those in which something’s up. Usually, before a new product’s launch, the production company delegates the marketing managers to set up a briefing, through […]

Team meeting on Teams

Your team meeting on Teams with Rafiky by your side

It is with great pride that we announce the new collaboration between Microsoft Teams and Rafiky. You could take advantage of the several potentialities of Rafiky Services and organize your team meeting, whilst relying on the Microsoft platform. We would never ask you to choose one aspect at the cost of the other one. Rafiky […]

Simultaneous interpreting with Rafiky 1.4

Introducing Simultaneous Interpreting by Rafiky 1.4

For those who have already worked with us, you have already known the power that Rafiky platform has and the way it can simplify your conferences through simultaneous interpreting. Forget having to hire different interpreters and coordinating a team that’s scattered all around the globe – if you work with us, we take care of […]

Remote interpreting TerpSummit 2021

Remote interpreting – Rafiky Team proud to attend TerpSummit 2021 event

For Rafiky’s remote interpreting services, there has been a new development, in which we have been focusing on providing everyone with the toolset and skills needed to succeed. The year 2020 brought on challenges we’ve never experienced before. From the need to adapt to working from home to getting used to establishing a new remote […]

Remote interpreting and meeting online

 5 tips for successful virtual events with remote interpreting

Remote interpreting is a guarantee for your international event’s success. But following the covid-19 pandemic, the need to decrease the chances of contagion has led to greatly reduce the organization of events in public, moving the organization of meetings, video conferences, and various meetings to online platforms. This was not a limitation for everyone: an […]

Remote interpreting for "Circle 2020" virtual event

Rafiky connect for a sustainable Europe – Circular Economy Action Plan

Our platform for remote interpreting Rafiky continues to depopulate in the European context: thanks to the simultaneous translation services we provide to local and international organizations, guests from all over the world can take part in the same virtual event by talking and discussing with the help of our remote interpreters, capable of translating up […]

Master in Remote interpreting

Master in Remote Interpreting

Have you studied languages ​​and would like to deepen the field of remote interpreting? Do you want to use your interpreting skills through remote simultaneous translation? This course will suit you. Rafiky is pleased to partner with the SSML San Domenico school for linguistic mediators within the Master in Liaison and Conference Interpreting, a whole […]

Rafiky remote interpreting

Remote interpreting in the service of the institutions

Rafiky confirms its vocation as an increasingly reliable partner of public and private institutions, for remote interpreting Another success for the world of remote translation. The umpteenth demonstration of how remote interpreting services are now essential for those whose aim is to internationalize their institutional relations, the success of the conference organized by the Institute […]

Remote interpretation services

Interpretation services in the time of Coronavirus

In an era where many production sectors have almost completely stopped, what is the situation of interpretation services? After weeks of uncertainty and underestimation of the problem, governments around the world are finally imposing movement restrictions and urging people to stay home to limit the spread of COVID-19. It may surprise you, but in the […]

interprete da remoto

Remote interpreting job: our program to work as a remote interpreter

Do you want to work as a remote interpreter? If the answer is “yes” then this is the article for you. The remote interpreting service is an extremely delicate and complex activity in various aspects. First of all, the remote interpreter must have all the necessary technical and linguistic skills, but we should not underestimate […]

servizi di interpretariato da remoto

Rafiky enters film industry with remote interpreting

Great success at the Ischia Film Festival for the conference organized in collaboration with the well-known remote interpreting services company in the entertainment industry. It is one of the most popular summer events. Of those for which dozens of stars from all over the world mobilize every year. The Ischia Film Festival also had a […]

Interpreter agency Rafiky

Interpreter agency at zero cost, can you really? Remote Interpreting

Can you revolutionize the world of an interpreter agency by making it practically zero cost? The answer is yes, with Rafiky of course. Federal law requires medical interpreters to be provided free of charge in the United States for patients with the limited English language. Over 25.9 million Americans claim to speak English “not very […]

Interpretazione simultanea da remoto

Simultaneous remote interpretation for non-profit organizations

Simultaneous remote interpretation (or simultaneous remote interpretation) is becoming increasingly necessary: ​​our globalized and interconnected society leads us to have relationships with many realities, some of which are profoundly different from ours. The first is undoubtedly the language, the only means that allows people to communicate. In fact, communication is the basis of any human […]

interpretariato da remoto


In a world that is now expanding globally thanks to remote interpreting, we know Rafiky’s development team better! What is Rafiky and where does the idea of ​​Rafiky come from? Rafiky is a remote interpreting platform that allows any customer to make a call with different interlocutors. The idea was born from our desire to […]

eco sostenibile

Rafiky, the interpretation agency that helps you save the planet, Remote interpreting

When you are choosing an interpretation agency to work with, you normally look for competitive prices, quality and reliability. Compare quotes and read customer reviews. However, it may still be difficult to choose one. Today there is another factor that you should take into consideration when making your choice, another question you should ask: how […]

Simultaneous remote interpreting

From teleprinter to simultaneous remote interpreting: a brief history.

How simultaneous remote interpreting has changed history. Many deaf and hearing impaired people remember relying on their families, friends or neighbors to make a simple phone call. Today, deaf and hard of hearing people are facilitated by more accessible telephone products and services, including hearing aid compatible phones. Over the past 20 years, a wide […]

remote interpretation

The remote interpreting continues to grow

The Rafiky network is expanding thanks to the opening of 50 rafiky hubs throughout the country. Remote interpreting is now a real professional opportunity for thousands of remote translation operators all over the world. Thanks to the many advantages offered by remote interpretation, more and more people are choosing Rafiky’s professional services. Rafiky therefore means, […]

video interpreting

Can video interpreting be really safe?

All of us are afraid of the advent of new technologies such as video interpreting, introduced a few years ago but which has now become a fundamental resource in the sector. This, however, as always happens when we talk about new technologies or systems that we do not yet know well, leads us all to […]

Remote interpreting

Cities4apprentices: Rafiky connects the mayors of the European capitals of apprenticeship

Remote interpreting for institutions The first of a series of webinars took place on 11 June, dedicated to developing the European network of cities for apprenticeships and topics related to the development of skills, work and the role of the territories. The event, chaired by Virginia Raggi, mayor of the metropolitan city of Roma Capitale […]

remote interpreting

Simultaneous remote translation: the most suitable solution for change is called Rafiky

Simultaneous remote translation: the most suitable solution for change is called Rafiky Simultaneous remote translation is probably the most advanced frontier for those who, in this complex phase, have to deal with the organization of international events and meetings. In fact, it represents not only a concrete solution to the limitations that are redefining the […]


Interpreter Hub Rafiky: we will open 50 by the end of 2020

Our mission is to bring simultaneous translation everywhere to break down language barriers in all those situations where an interpreter is needed. Our collaborators are trained and professional people who are dedicated to customer needs in an always impeccable way. Just to help them do their job better and offer excellent service, we decided to […]

interpretariato simultaneo da remoto 1

A quote on interpreting services? From today it is immediate!

You are preparing the budget for your event, but you have no idea how much interpreting services will cost you. To get a quote, contact your interpreting agency by email or through the site’s contact form, but you must wait at least 24 hours to receive an answer. First stop. Postpone the finalization of the […]

interpretariato 1

Join the Rafiky network

The world of instant remote interpretation in a smartphone When we talk about remote interpretation, we are talking about a sector in full evolution and ready to widen the professional and commercial horizons for those who work directly in this field. Deciding to talk about it in the epoch of covid 19, when unfortunately there […]

simultaneous remote translation


Technology has revolutionized the way of interpreting.If before the interpreters were forced to work in the place where the event took place , today an Internet connection is enough to realize a simultaneous remote transmission.Especially in this period of health emergency and social distancing, this type of interpreting has become indispensable to say the least.In […]

smart home house technology multimedia


In this present age in which we are living distance is not an excuse to provide a service. There were times when you used to hire interpreters who make sure their presence in physical form and provide you with interpretation services but with the advancement of technology now it is possible to interpret audio and video even by […]

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Advantages of Remote interpretation

Are you interested in remote interpreting for your business boost? Do you want to benefit from interpreting software during the pandemic when the workplaces are undergoing a shutdown? It is a fact that telephone and other resources for remote simultaneous interpreting have become widespread owing to new communication innovations. The word has taken remote interpretation […]

headphones scaled

Headphones for simultaneous interpreting: do we still need them?

It looked like they were about to revolutionize the world of interpreting, the headphones with built-in simultaneous interpreting presented in 2019 at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show), the global technology convention held in Las Vegas every year. For a moment, the launch of the new headphones  made interpreting agencies worry, as they saw their business […]

ball shaped blur close up focus 346885 scaled

Remote interpretation, the greener wayss

We can try not to think about it, but we all know it. We should all do our part to be more environmentally friendly, both at home and at work. More and more companies are introducing policies to reduce their carbon footprint, encouraging staff to print less, to switch off all electronic equipment and lighting when not in use, […]

man with headphones facing computer monitor 845451 scaled

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting: Your Perfect Solution for Your Perfect Conference

After a long search, you have finally found the perfect conference hall for your event: perfect size, perfect location, perfect price! You are about to sign the rental agreement when you suddenly realise that there are no interpretation booths in the room. Deal vanished and beginning of a new long search? Or should you start […]

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Video interpreting: the most effective type of remote interpreting

An innovative way to break down language barriers: Video interpreting During an important international business meeting, interpreters are often the friendly faces that keep us calm: they are the ones who understand our language, our culture and our business, and we fully rely on them to pass on our message. But do we always need to have them physically […]