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We’re changing the way we see interpreting.

Our past is behind us! We are changing the way we see interpreting. We have broken down every language barrier thanks to a software created by us. Rafiky and our team represent the innovation of a service sector that allows communication with people from all over the world.

At Rafiky, we believe there is a better way to do interpreting.

To communicate is to live; since we are in the world, through gestures and expressions first, words and phrases then, we all communicate, in one way or another, interacting with the environment around us.

It is impossible not to communicate: we need it to live.

Starting from the assumption that there is no communication without interaction, in a multi-ethnic society and in times of global communication it can happen that we have to get in touch with a linguistic code that is not ours. And it can be really frustrating not being able to communicate because you don’t understand it.

That’s why our mission has always been to break down all language barriers and ensure communication and interaction between speakers of different languages.

At Rafiky we know how fundamental and at the same time extraordinary the interpreter’s work is: by allowing more people to understand the same message at the same time, and simply through a “change” of code, the interpreter unites, bringing people, cultures and countries closer together.

However, we have been working in the translation and interpreting sector for more than ten years and we believe that the time has come to open the door to innovation.

We believe that there is a new way to do interpreting, a more immediate but equally effective way to further simplify the way we communicate. From this awareness Rafiky was born: the most advanced technology in the interpreting sector, a revolutionary software for simultaneous interpreting that combines the needs of practicality, quality and effectiveness.

In fact, Rafiky makes it possible to take advantage of IRS Remote Simultaneous Interpreting, i.e. simultaneous interpretation at a distance, simply through smartphones, tablets, laptops or computers, in any language and in real time, reducing costs and guaranteeing the excellence of a service that is always of high quality, just like traditional interpreting, but without the use of bulky translation booths and means of transport, with relative costs and times for assembly and disassembly of equipment.

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