Corporate meetings in video conferencing: connecting people and locations with an app.

In recent years, online interpreting has evolved significantly, becoming an essential component for many Italian companies. With the growing need to communicate and collaborate remotely, companies have increasingly relied on tools such as video conferencing apps, remote business meetings, and multilingual integrations with platforms such as Zoom and Teams. In this article, we will explore the different types of online interpreting and how these solutions are revolutionizing the way Italian companies conduct their international business.

Online interpreting: a solution for Italian companies

The advent of video conferencing apps has made it possible for Italian companies to conduct meetings and conferences remotely, eliminating the need to physically travel to attend international events. However, the language barrier remained a significant obstacle for many of these companies. This is where online interpreting comes in.

Italian companies have enthusiastically embraced this new form of interpreting, making their video conferences and remote business meetings accessible to a global audience. Online interpreting enables real-time communication in multiple languages, ensuring that information is conveyed accurately and clearly, regardless of language barriers.

Video Conferencing Apps: The Key to Success

Video conferencing apps have become an indispensable tool for Italian companies seeking to expand globally. With the ability to securely and reliably connect with colleagues and partners around the world, these apps offer an ideal solution for remote business meetings. However, to ensure smooth communication, high-quality online interpreting support is required.

Multilingual Meeting with Zoom

Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing apps in the world, and is widely used by Italian companies. To make multilingual meetings a hassle-free experience, many companies rely on online interpreting. With the support of highly qualified interpreters, Zoom enables participants to communicate effectively in multiple languages, facilitating global collaboration.

Online Interpreting with Teams

Microsoft Teams is another widely used platform for business communications. For Italian companies operating in several countries with different languages, multilingual meetings with Teams can be the perfect solution. This integration allows companies to communicate with partners and customers around the world without language problems and seamlessly.

Remote Interpreting with Rafiky

Rafiky stands as an ideal partner for global companies seeking to optimize their remote communication operations. The quality of its remote meeting and videoconferencing software, combined with the ability to access a remote interpreting service, offers a comprehensive solution to meet the challenges of the modern business environment.

Online Interpreting: an Essential Resource

Online interpreting is not only limited to video conferencing apps, but has become a key element in many other areas. For example, video interpreting is gaining popularity among Italian companies. This form of interpreting allows the interpreter to be viewed while translating speech, adding a visual element to multilingual communication.

If you would like more information about online interpreting or need assistance implementing it in your company, please visit Rafiky’s website to find solutions tailored to your needs. With online interpreting, the world is at your fingertips, and Rafiky is here to help you get there.

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