Remote simultaneous interpreting remains one of the major trends born in recent years. Its practicality and functionality have reached the heights of the world of interpreting in and outside Europe.
Its strength coincides with the ability to be provided regardless of physical distances. When organizing an event using the old-school version of simultaneous interpreting, the organizer must also take care of finding the location and renting specific technological equipment.
The location, in this case, must meet standard criteria and meet specific needs so that the event can take place in a positive and effective way. Not only the aesthetics and technical characteristics are evaluated in the measurement and selection of the most suitable location, but also its accessibility and reachability by public transport.
Now, as for travel by land or air between European countries, generally reaching the designated location is not that complicated. Even if this often means facing long journeys and organizing the route by public transport. But when the final destination for the conference or congress is overseas, on the other side of the world, managing and organizing travel and fitting commitments with the event can be quite complicated.
In recent years, Italian companies have seen an opportunity for greater growth in non-EU countries. By focusing on their strengths, and taking into account the risks, they have invested energy and resources in the implementation of projects and in the definition of bilateral agreements and relationships with large international markets.
According to the Sace Report, Made in Italy will continue to grow in 2022 at a constant rate of 5.4%. A certainly positive pace since it was higher than that recorded before the pandemic in 2019. According to forecasts, national exports of products will reach 550 billion euros in 2024, thanks to projects and commercial relations with European and non-EU countries.
To achieve this goal, there will be a need for synergy and synchrony of the subjects involved, as well as measures and directives on a geographical as well as a sectorial basis. Also based on the data in the Sace Report, the areas with the greatest potential are listed in accordance with the export growth values ​​recorded in the current year and the dynamics of economic recovery. In the top five we find the USA, Switzerland, China, Brazil, Japan.
As usual, the establishment of commercial relations and economic cooperation, development and research is supported by meetings and appointments between representatives and delegations of the relative nations. These moments of concentrated business are an opportunity to meet and discuss in person the possible prospects for a glorious and productive future.
It is clear that in order to facilitate effective and fluid communication, the presence of professional linguists and simultaneous interpreters is necessary. Simultaneous interpreting is a vitally important service when it comes to business meetings with foreign partners and interlocutors.
It is not just a question of breaking down purely linguistic barriers. Knowing the culture, the business etiquette, the mindset of the interlocutor is a fundamental ingredient for being able to come into contact and be able to achieve success. Socio-cultural, as well as linguistic, barriers exist between individuals of Indo-European nationality: just imagine when one of the interlocutors comes from an Asian area.
The importance of the intervention of a Chinese or Japanese interpreter is obvious. However, as anticipated, often the organization of events with non-European foreign countries or partners can be difficult to manage. Under the pandemic, companies have rediscovered an invaluable advantage in technology.
Many of these have relied on the digital world to be able to carry on their activities and their work commitments. Web conferencing platforms have literally depopulated and conquered more and more users. Even today, many companies decide to rely on technology in order to organize last-minute calls or international meetings with foreign partners. A significant saving of time, stress and money. Not only.
Rafiky, which offers its platform as hosting for remote events and conferences, provides professional remote simultaneous interpreting services. In the case of scheduled meetings in America, for example, it will not be necessary to worry about booking the flight, planning the event, finding accommodation and location, selecting and moving the American interpreter. Remote simultaneous interpreting offers the possibility of solving a job emergency.
The details of the participants, a stable connection, an electronic device, a professional interpreter, and a few minutes will be enough.
Rafiky offers an innovative, practical, functional, fast, equally professional and quality solution. It also has a very large network of specialized interpreters and experienced simultaneous translators. Finding an American interpreter or a Chinese interpreter will no longer be a problem.
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