Interpreting services provided via app but for a face-to-face event. Can you believe it?!

On November 17, Rafiky provided his app for the “Roadshow” event held in Milan. We could define it as the pilot episode of an interesting – and we hope – long series.

The event was an incredible success. Although this new approach was the first in the history of interpreting and event organization, the participants in the room and the organizers, as well as the simultaneous interpreters, all were enthusiastic.

An innovative and cutting-edge solution to provide simultaneous interpreting services. The Rafiky app has become the new equipment for interpreters. While the participants in the hall, of different nationalities, attended the event by listening through the app directly from their phone, the simultaneous interpreters, thanks to the table booth of International Congresses, provided a quality and professional simultaneous translation service.

This mode not only allowed for significant savings in money and time but also allowed the event to take place in total safety – especially given the anti-covid regulations. Traditional band receivers, usually used for face-to-face events with simultaneous interpreting services, have been replaced by one of the most used and guarded daily objects: the smartphone.

Nothing simpler. It was enough to scan the QRcode to download the Rafiky app on the phone and connect to the event by entering data and credentials.

We thank the entire Mansutti spa team, our team for technical assistance, International Congresses for involving us and the interpreter of our network, Paola Dossan, for providing an impeccable simultaneous translation service for the English-Italian language combination.

Rafiky Press Office