On November 5, Rafiky made its hosting platform available to one of the most famous universities in Italy and provided remote simultaneous interpreting services.

The DIVE IN European project was born in order to produce training materials and innovative initiatives in the face of growing radicalization among the youngest individuals of the population of many European countries.

DIVE IN supports local actors in the training course for young people, so that it is possible to prevent mechanisms of antisocial behavior and violent radicalization.

The last conference “The prevention of antisocial behaviour, extremism and radicalisation in young individuals” for the DIVE IN project was held on 5 November, between 3 and 5.30 pm, which was attended by people of different nationalities. Given the international nature of the conference, the intervention of professional figures such as simultaneous interpreters and linguistic mediators was necessary in order to ensure effective and comprehensive communication.

Rafiky is an agency specialized in remote interpreting services. For the specific occasion, it provided its hosting platform to allow all participants, speakers, and listeners to attend the final conference regardless of where they were.

Faced with logistical-temporal problems, Rafiky’s innovative and modern solution is equally professional and favorable. By relying on technology, Rafiky allows event organizers not to have to worry about all those tasks and aspects that generally need to be managed for organizing an event in person.

In addition, having an extensive network of simultaneous interpreters and translators, Rafiky ensures simultaneous interpreting service at any time. By leveraging the constant availability and availability of simultaneous interpreters, continuity and organizational speed of the interpreting service for the remote event is ensured.

We thank the University of Florence for choosing us, and our two interpreters, Alessandro Tonti and Vincenzo Streppone, who provided the simultaneous interpreting service for the Italian <> English language combination.

Rafiky Press Office