Simultaneous translation services have a longer history than you think. The role of simultaneous translators and interpreters has grown steadily over the years through official recognition by associations, governmental and institutional bodies.

The figure of the simultaneous translator acquires an inestimable value since man for the first time in history needed to communicate with individuals and populations of different nationalities and cultures. In order to establish a dialogue transparently and with extreme naturalness, the simultaneous interpreting service thus broke down cultural and linguistic barriers without affecting the identity and individuality of the cultures and languages ​​involved.

In modern society, simultaneous translation and interpreting services are even more in demand as relations between nations and the interaction between cultures are established in terms of business. Thanks to the company’s transition towards a continuously developing internationalization, commercial, economic and industrial realities are led to interface with the outside world, with a view to expanding business abroad.

In case of interference or lack of communication with foreign interlocutors, the risk of ruining economic and business growth projects is just around the corner.For avoiding this kind of hitch or unexpected occurrence, it is necessary to take all the necessary precautions.

From the studied organization of business meetings, to the targeted preparation of materials and documents, to the assistance of professional experts in the field or the foreign market, to the intervention of professional linguistic mediators.

Specifications of the simultaneous translation service

Simultaneous translation, or better still, simultaneous interpretation, is a service operated by expert and mother tongue interpreters, specialized in their own industry and in their own language combination. Generally, traditional practice involves the presence of two simultaneous interpreters who work for the same period of time inside soundproof booths.

In this case, the two interpreters take turns regularly to provide simultaneous translations to all the participants in the room through professional audio systems. The characteristic of simultaneous translation coincides precisely in the fact that the translation is done in real time.

Simultaneous interpreters, using specialist simultaneous translation equipment and accessories, listen to the original message and translate simultaneously into the target language. In this case, the time difference between input and output is very minimal. The professionalism and experience of the expert translator shines through in this type of interpreting service.

In which cases is the simultaneous translation service required?

Simultaneous translation services are most requested for medium-large events, which involve a high number of participants from different parts of the world. We are therefore talking about international congresses and conferences in which participants, speakers and interpreters of different nationalities actively attend and participate.

Through a simultaneous interpreting service, maximum accessibility to the event is guaranteed to all participants, regardless of how far they are culturally and linguistically from each other.

However, in order to be able to use a simultaneous interpreting service, it is necessary to take into account important aspects. The rental and installation of technical equipment, the booking of a compliant and adequate location, the availability of the interpreters to move and operate on site, the usability of economic and logistical resources.

A valid alternative to all this is the remote simultaneous interpretation service. Thanks to this, in fact, it is possible to organize international events and conferences without having to worry about the rental of equipment and the transport and accommodation of interpreters.

The remote simultaneous translators work directly from home or from their office, by connecting to the platform and the event access link. The same applies to all participants, speakers and organizers, who will also be able to save energy, time and money on the entire organization of the event.

The remote simultaneous translation is, finally, an effective and quick solution to be taken into consideration for holding large international congresses and conferences.

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