The remote simultaneous interpretation service is ideal for any type of international event or meeting. All you need is an electronic device and a stable internet connection. Nothing simpler and cheaper is available to reach your contacts abroad and allow immediate communication with interlocutors of different nationalities.

The advantage of remote interpreting is that an event can host many more participants of different nationalities to an event, which they probably would not have been able to attend before for economic or logistical reasons. Remote interpreting is a practical and effective solution for breaking down cultural and linguistic barriers, as well as physical ones. Thanks to the incredible technological development of recent years in the sector, online interpreting is an increasingly appreciated and requested service for the organization of international events and conferences.

RSI – the acronym for Remote Simultaneous Interpretation – is a remote simultaneous interpretation method through which interpreters can carry out their work, regardless of where they are. For simultaneous interpretation, while the speaker exposes in his native language, the interpreter simultaneously and in real-time transposes the original message into the target language.

The RSI (Remote Simultaneous Interpretation) version of Rafiky enjoys a series of advantages and benefits that can revolutionize the world of web-conferencing and interpreting. The innovative and modern cloud technology facilitates the work of the interpreter and also of the organizer. Among the many advantages, there is being able to organize an event with remote interpreters without having to organize the physical movements and worry about long logistical times, typical of residential events and on-site interpreting services.

Rafiky guarantees an excellent remote interpreting service like that traditionally carried out in the booth, but also relieves the client of the difficulty in organizing the travel of the interpreters, the search for the location and the rental of bulky soundproof booths and technical material. This type of service allows all users to communicate very easily and effectively.

Being able to communicate with your foreign clients or investors will no longer be a reason for stress or tension. Through the joint combination of remote interpretation services and the remote participation system, Rafiky offers its customers the opportunity to give the event greater accessibility.

Rafiky’s highly modern and innovative software allows you to extend participation up to 1000 video participants and 5000 viewers. It is also possible to maintain a linguistic segmentation in compliance with the languages ​​involved at the event. Thanks to the remote interpreting service, organizing a multilingual business meeting will no longer be a problem. With the Rafiky online platform, it is also possible to create virtual monolingual rooms: each room will have its own entrance door and become a small online conference room. Users are then divided according to themes or languages, directly during the registration phase.

So now we have the opportunity to be able to choose what type of event to organize, thanks to the technology that has accelerated the digitization process, not at the expense of the quality of the services provided.

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