On 8th September, Rafiky provided its web-conferencing platform and simultaneous interpretation services for the “Final Conference about the JOURNEY project funded with the support of the European Commission and co-financed by the EU Erasmus + Program.

The name of the JOURNEY project is nothing more than the acronym for “Joint Organization to Unite Rural Networks of Entrepreneurial Youth”. It was a project launched in May 2008, the aim of which is to propose an innovative approach to rural youth employment in the Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries (Georgia, Azerbaijan and Ukraine) through an invitation to greater entrepreneurship for sustainable development.

The project, therefore, aims to provide rural youth with a way to raise the level of knowledge and skills through exchange and development experiences.

The final conference focused attention on the results and on the impact obtained in the three countries of the partnership. The conference was held in English remotely.

Rafiky’s platform offered its hosting and allowed interpreters to operate simultaneous interpretation services for English – Georgian, English – Azerbaijani, and English – Ukrainian language combinations.

The Rafiky platform was deliberately designed to facilitate interlingual and intercultural communication between individuals of different nationalities, connected from all parts of the world – up to 5000 participants. Using the Rafiky platform, events of top quality can be organized in a short time and offer participants an unforgettable experience.

Thanks to the sophisticated software of Rafiky, the simultaneous interpretation service can be provided without interferences of any kind. The interpreters of our network are all highly qualified and prepared for the event in charge.

A special thanks to Alda for choosing us, and to all the interpreters who have allowed linear and effective communication.

Rafiky Press Office