The G20 was held on 6th September in the form of a hybrid event, in which we were able to attend the intervention of Minister D.Franco.

The hybrid event has increasingly taken hold in the world of event organization, especially following the strong conditions and limitations imposed by the lockdown and COVID-19.

The hybrid system requires the event to be held half on-site, half in virtual mode. In this specific case, another famous web-conferencing platform was used for the G20 event. The Rafiky app, on the other hand, was chosen to allow participants to understand, given the language barriers between speakers and listeners.

Professional interpreters took advantage of the innovative and advanced technology of the Rafiky app to be able to convey the original message by performing a high-quality simultaneous translation.

This hybrid combination, between an on-site event, a web conferencing platform together with the Rafiky app, has made it possible to increase the engagement of the guests. In fact, in addition to the participants present in residential mode (always in compliance with the regulations in force regarding distancing), the participation was extended to more people through the connection in virtual mode.

The Rafiky app has been designed for events of any nature and type. Regardless of where the virtual users connect, qualified and professional interpreters are guaranteed all the necessary conditions in order to provide simultaneous interpreting services in an efficient and professional way. In addition, the “live chat” app’s own function allows the interpreters present to communicate with each other, without any kind of interference.

Therefore, we would like to thank in particular Aspen Congressi for choosing us and the interpreters, who have put in field their experience and professionalism for the hybrid event, Marcella Greco and Alessandra Checcarelli, for the Italian and English languages.

Rafiky Press Office