On 23 September, the Rafiky platform hosted the remote event “ECONOMICS AND BEST PRACTICES OF PES SCHEMES” and provided simultaneous translation and interpretation services.

The focus of the event was on the presentation and discussion of the so-called payment schemes for ecosystem services (PES schemes).

Speakers of different nationalities took turns during the virtual meeting. The program was well organized in advance according to a precise and well-defined scheme. By doing so, it was possible to avoid any kind of interference and logistical problems.

Given the international scope of the event, the intervention of simultaneous interpreters was strictly necessary. The communication of the message had to be guaranteed to all the participants coming from different and distant places.

Through a professional simultaneous translation service, it is possible to convey the message translated and localized in an effective and clear way.

Rafiky’s platform has also allowed the creation of virtual rooms, so-called breakout rooms. The division of the breakout rooms is performed on specific and variable factors, such as language combination, topic of discussion, list of participants, etc.

For the event on 23 September, simultaneous interpreting services were provided for 4 languages: Italian, English, Spanish and Polish.

A special thanks to the client who chose us and to the interpreters of our network, Vincenzo Streppone, Alessandro Tonti, Silvia Sturlese, Carolina Ceci and Anna Galant, who majestically provided remote simultaneous interpretation services thanks to the support and by means of the innovative Rafiky software.

Rafiky Press Office