Rafiky’s app & integrations with other web-conferencing platforms: beyond remote interpreting

The innovative Rafiky app, through integration with another famous web-conferencing platform, has allowed the interpreters of its network to provide remote interpreting services in an effective and professional way.

The Tosti room of the Aurum, in the Adriatic capital of Pescara, was the stage for the 3rd steering committee of the E-Citijens project on 27-28 July 2021.

The objective of the project, within the INTERREG ITALIA program -CROATIA, is to develop planning activities for the prevention, protection and fight against natural risks, the result of a 360-degree collaboration between government institutions, partners and local communities. The importance of the active role of the citizen is emphasized, who must be guaranteed maximum accessibility and usability of information via platforms and social media.

From the evocative and majestic location, the event was then broadcast live on one of the most famous web-conferencing platforms, together with the integration of Rafiky’s app. The Rafiky’s app was essential to provide remote interpreting services. Rafiky’s innovation also lets us take advantage of its integration with other web conferencing platforms. This means that you can hold an online event on your favorite web conferencing platform, without having to give up on remote interpreting services.

Given the international scope, the intervention of professional interpreters was necessary so that the information and contents of the project were conveyed to all participants in an effective and timely manner. We therefore thank the interpreters Vincenzo Streppone and Silvia Sturlese for their intervention.

Rafiky Press Office