The Rafiky app has been used lately to host simultaneous translation and remote simultaneous interpreting services for an event in the medical-scientific industry.

The client, the University of Palermo, wanted to organize an online event, whose argument was in the dental field – “MANAGEMENT OF PSEUDO-CLASS III MALOCCLUSIONS”.

A series of doctors, members of the Faculty of Dental Surgery, and scientific researchers in the field took turns during the conference in order to argue theses and case studies from their experiences.

The entire event focused on the theme of pseudo-class III dental malocclusion, which is distinctly different from skeletal malocclusion. Science in this sense, through correct and precise diagnoses, can be able to help people overcome this pathology and improve dental aesthetics.

The University of Palermo contacted us through the event organization agency, with which we occasionally collaborate, International Congresses.

The event was organized on another famous web conferencing platform, MS Teams, which Rafiky has integrated as a plug-in for a couple of months in its offer plan.

Rafiky, with the intention of satisfying each customer, has thought of a solution that could allow everyone to continue using their usual online conference platform, without having to give up the use of remote interpreting services. For this reason, several integrations have been developed over the years to allow a flow of work and to get closer and closer to the needs of each individual customer.

The Rafiky app was in fact used to operate simultaneous translation services for the Italian-English language combination.

A special thanks to goes Congressi Internazionali, to the University of Palermo, to the speakers, and to one of our interpreters for the linguistic combination Italian-English, Vincenzo Streppone.

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