Interpretation by Rafiky for event held by NHOA e TCC (Taiwan Cement Corporation)

Interpreters from the Rafiky network provided simultaneous face-to-face interpretation service for the event on 23 July, in Milan, wanted and organized by the NHOA and Taiwan Cement Corporation.

Last Friday, a conference was held in Milan at the behest of TCC, in order to finalize and formalize the acquisition of 60.48% of the issued share capital of ENGIE EPS. Following the completion of the Transaction, upon the approval of the shareholders on 25 June 2021, ENGIE EPS was renamed NHOA.

Through the Transaction, the TCC group will be able to expand its international presence in the field of energy and energy storage, also diversifying its product offering. The conference lasted about three hours, half of which required the intervention of a linguist mediator and simultaneous translator. The specific language combination requested was Italian-English.

Although specialized in remote interpretation services for conferences and online webinars, in this case, Rafiky tried to find a solution appropriate to the client’s need and urgency in finding a simultaneous interpreter who would operate live interpreting services. Given the vast network of native speaker interpreters and experts with whom Rafiky collaborates, it was possible to provide the client with one of his interpreters for the event in order to ensure an unforgettable experience for all participants and to make the event completely accessible.

We thank TCC and NHOA once again, for choosing us, and our interpreter who provided an impeccable simultaneous translation and interpreting service for half of the conference.

Press Office Rafiky