Fashion & Digital: remote interpreting services via Rafiky for Fabiana Filippi

Rafiky had the honor of hosting its platform in recent weeks for remote interpreting services for the fashion & luxury sector event, held by Fabiana Filippi Spa.

We have seen a strong acceleration in digitization for various sectors, from catering to the fashion sector. The fashion houses have seized the opportunity to invest in digital to carry out their campaigns and their events, also by improving the corporate asset allocation. The hybrid system seems to remain the preferred one for organizing events and fashion shows concurrent with the period of the most famous fashion weeks.

The element of exclusivity remains guaranteed for a limited list of guests, while the factor of greater engagement and inclusiveness is added as a surplus through streaming on the main social platforms or on channels set up for the event.

On 10 July, the fashion house Fabiana Filippi organized an online event for the presentation of the new collection SS 2022. The tradition of cashmere and the attention to eco-sustainable raw materials and processes. A style inspired by a “cozy minimalism” where authenticity, elegance and transparency blend together. A chromatism that reflects the colors and the beauty of nature. This is the essence of Fabiana Filippi, in every collection and in every item of clothing.

Participants, connected from different cities and countries, thus had the opportunity to take part in the meeting without having to physically move to a given location. Mario Filippi, CEO of the family company, said: “We can’t wait to look people again in the eye without the mediation of a screen, but we know how to make better use of time and also in the future we will distinguish between necessary travel and not, between meetings that deserve a trip and others that can be digital “.

Given the international character of the event and the presence of participants of different nationalities, the intervention of linguistic mediators and interpreters was necessary. In cases like these, it is good to turn to translation experts and interpreting agencies such as Rafiky. We offered our platform as a hosting for remote interpreting services, excellently performed by the interpreters for the different languages ​​involved.

We therefore thank the interpreters who took care of the linguistic mediation and operated amazingly a remote interpreting service for the language combinations needed, such as Italian-English, Italian-German, Italian-Russian.

A special thanks to the entire company Fabiana Filippi Spa for choosing us, two of the eight speakers Mario Filippi Coccetta,  co-president and co-founder of the company, and Manuela Pugnali.

Rafiky Press Office