Event at the Marino Marini Museum in Florence and consecutive interpretation

For the days of 24 and 28 July, Rafiky provided a consecutive interpretation service for an event held in presence in Florence.

ReUse Italy aims to promote cultural and educational activities about the restoration or re-use of buildings and historical constructions forgotten in Italy. In collaboration with state organizations, institutes, famous architects and the local community, it seeks to sensitize as many individuals as possible about the sacred historical value of art and its fruits.

The two-day conference – each lasting two hours – had the aim of reconstructing the profound link between philosophy and art, examining some of the architectural buildings in Italy, highlighting each peculiarity and distinctive characteristics. The cycle of events was held at the suggestive location of the Marino Marini Museum in Florence.

Rafiky tried to meet the client’s requests by providing him with a consecutive interpretation expert for the Italian-English language combination. Although Rafiky specializes in remote interpreting services, he has looked for a valid solution to be able to satisfy a client’s requests. The interpreter was hired to provide consecutive interpreting services, without the need to use the technical and specific equipment for interpreting.

We thank ReUse Italy once again for choosing us, and the consecutive interpreter Marzia Frosini for her excellent performance.

Press Office Rafiky