Interpreting services for hybrid event “EXCELLENCE IN DENTISTRY 4.0”

Rafiky again offered its hosting platform as a virtual space to allow interpreters to operate remote simultaneous interpreting services for the hybrid event “Global Event Tokuyama” – “EXCELLENCE IN DENTISTRY 4.0 – THE TOKU-GLOBAL FESTIVAL LIVE FROM VENICE”.

The cycle of events and conferences, organized by Meetec and planned in hybrid mode, ended on 12 June. In fact, a list of guests participated in the presence, in an ancient and suggestive furnace on the Venetian island of Murano. While the rest of the participants exploited the potential of technology to remotely connect to the virtual event on the Rafiky platform.

The goal of the entire event was to illustrate innovative methodologies and tools in dentistry. Several professionals and academics from around the world have alternated according to a well-defined program, relying on their scientific knowledge and skills in order to expose the main challenges of the dental industry. Issues on aesthetics and on the daily practicality of prosthetic materials – with a focus on their aesthetic, physical and optical properties – have been discussed.

Given the international reach of the entire program of events on the agenda, the presence and intervention of mother tongue interpreters were necessary in order to ensure clear, limpid and fluid communication. The interpreting services were operated by expert linguists specialized in the reference industry and native speakers of the languages ​​involved in the cycle of events. Specifically, the required languages ​​were English, Spanish, Turkish, French.

Despite a large number of simultaneous interpreters, Rafiky’s software is so advanced and innovative that it is able to “host” several interpreters at the same time without encountering connection or organization problems. The number of interpreters has also increased in consideration of the fact that many languages ​​of interpretation have required the relais service, or rather relay interpretation, which is an “indirect” or double interpretation in the target language.

Special thanks to Meetec for choosing Rafiky as a hosting platform and to all the language interpreters: Bruno Carlotti, Özlem Ogras, Enrica Gavotti, Anna Gibillaro, Simonetta Santoro, Maura Tamborini, Nives Verrusio, Patricia Vega.

It was an honor for us to have contributed to making communication effective and accessible to all participants.

Rafiky Press Office