On May 26, the hybrid event “FOSTERING LOCAL DEVELOPMENT THROUGH TOURISM” was held, organized by Alda (European Association for Local Democracy) and funded by the EU.
The event is intended as a moment of discussion and dialogue about the “Citizens’ voice and actions in consolidated communities of Armenia” project. The goal of the project is to outline resolutive ways to promote local development in Armenia, in a sustainable and participatory way. The spirit of sharing and inclusion on the part of local communities is the fulcrum of the entire project: they are in fact encouraged to take part in the reforms with a responsible and proactive spirit, favoring the volume of local tourism in the national territory – especially after Covid.
The hybrid event involved half a “more traditional” participation on-site, and half a virtual one. The location chosen for the event was in Yerevan (Armenia), while the virtual room and hosting platform for the web conference was Rafiky.
In this case, the number of participants in the residential conference was rather limited, compared to the number registered for the online conference – also taking into account the low feasibility of traveling abroad due to the pandemic. The language combinations involved were Italian-Armenian, English-Armenian.
The customer also requested the creation of an ad hoc website, from which any participants could register for the event directly from the online form. Registering for the event also meant receiving a series of exclusive services, including receiving personalized updates and news, as well as the access link to the event sent electronically.
Rafiky cares about its customers, and always tries to fulfill its wishes, and accommodate its requests.
We particularly thank Alda once again for choosing us, it was an honor for us, and the whole pool of interpreters who have operated impeccably translation and linguistic interpretation services.

Rafiky Press Office