Your team meeting on Teams with Rafiky by your side

It is with great pride that we announce the new collaboration between Microsoft Teams and Rafiky. You could take advantage of the several potentialities of Rafiky Services and organize your team meeting, whilst relying on the Microsoft platform.

We would never ask you to choose one aspect at the cost of the other one. Rafiky is thinking about your deepest needs. That is why we tried to figure it out.

Imagine if you have to set up a team meeting for your company. No problem for the platform. But because of the fact that it would be an international event, you are meant to involve users coming from all over the world – as it usually happens in online meetings.

Then, you need someone who can handle mediation and multi-language communication on your behalf.

Now suppose that: all of your business partners are online, and you are about to start negotiating, after some brief presentations. But still, someone could get a little disoriented, excluded, or offended by the in-between linguistic gap.

If you are referring to Asian participants by speaking exclusively in English, it’s clear that the linguistic gap would not help the event’s success and your brand image. Without the right and personalized tool for the communication channel, the comprehension and the accessibility of what you have said would be near zero.

How to overcome it? The fresh integration of Teams to Rafiky will let you keep on using the Microsoft platform, without sacrificing it, and at the same time to enjoy the professional work of remote interpreters.

Rafiky in name and in fact, even on Teams plugin.

All the advantages

As previously said, thanks to this collab, you could use all the tools and services offered by Rafiky.

Before the team meeting begins, Rafiky led you in the preparation and organization of the event, by caring for every single detail with a fine-tooth comb. We boast an unlimited net of interpreters specialized in different industries and experts in more than 200 languages.

By considering it a “barrier-free” online meeting, the number of the participants has no restriction too. Along the online meeting, it is possible to you even to join contemporarily more than one interpreter and for more than one language.

Besides remote interpretation service and technical assistance at your disposal for the whole duration of the event, the possibility of sharing video and PPT – uploaded in advance – make it easier for the speakers to expose their varied program clearly and to gain attention from the audience.

For the entire event, there is even the possibility to check the option “speaker information”. This means that, as the speaker starts talking, automatically the frame stops on his face, adding on the bottom a brief description of who he is – full name and position included. This feature with the sign language video box makes it simple for hearing impaired people to understand.

At the end of the event, the company can ask us for recordings made, so that to post them on social pages or to share them with their participants.

We are proud of this new integration: to us, it means a new way to show our interest in finding an outstanding and efficient solution for each kind of remote meeting.

Our major objective is to assure complete accessibility to all for your international remote meeting.

Rafiky Press Office