Remote interpreting and Sign Language by Rafiky for “Small Museums Alliance Representing Territories” (SMART) project

Rafiky is such innovative that, among its services, has included remote interpreting services and simultaneous translation for sign language too, in view of attendance of the hearing impaired.

One of its latest and greatest performances in that direction has been for a series of events about the SMART project, held by Alda association.

Webinar days on 12, 18, and 26 May were meant to show objectives and know-how strategies considered for the SMART project – acronym for Small Museums Alliance Representing Territories. The three webinar days were respectively named as: “Inclusive Web Accessibility for All”, “Museums go digital: best practices and tools for innovative design and extraordinary experiences” and “Silent Play: cultural heritage and new participatory practices through theatre”.

Supporting local and international tourism, and making services, places, and activities accessible to anyone were the common leitmotif. Thanks to digital and facilitated instrumentation, anyone can get access to culture and information. The theme of accessibility and involvement of all categories of people, regardless of their motor, visual, auditory, or learning skills, is pretty important to understand. That is why it should take root in every individual, every social setting, and every institution. Nobody must be left behind!

Webinars were held with simultaneous interpreting in Italian, English, and German languages.

Rafiky too followed the main theme of the events, by putting at disposal remote interpreting service with British Sign Language (BSL). The innovative software of Rafiky lets the events get even more accessible, including the attendance of the hearing impaired too. The sign language “interpreter panel” has always been visible on the screen, guaranteeing clear and comprehensive communication.

Rafiky Press Office