All you need is Rafiky web conferencing software!

The world of interpreting and translation teems with web conferencing software.

Certain historical moments have influenced greater digitalization and accessibility of video conferencing. The most fitting example is the lockdown period, which put the event industry in chains for several months, and which then forced it to reinvent itself in a digital sense.
The readjustment involved relying on the web so that to be able to carry out programs included in the business plan.
Often the choice of the meeting platform falls on its popularity. But why settle for one and only service when with Rafiky you can have an extra hundred?!

The features of Rafiky’s video conferencing platform

Rafiky’s mission was born from the desire to break down the linguistic and cultural barriers that often separate us from each other. As a translation and interpreting agency, the main objective is to provide remote interpreting services aimed at uniting rather than alienating people.
Our interpreters, carefully selected and prepared for each type of event, act as a link between the speaker and the listener. This allows clear and coherent communication to achieve success and total engagement.
Given the digital character of the scenario, let’s see what Rafiky offers in addition to the “remote interpretation” factor.

Web conferencing platform “unlimited” factors

At the time of organizing the online event, Rafiky team builds the event according to requests and details provided by the customer. Such as the number of languages involved in the video conference, the number of participants, the multimedia content (video and PPT).
Everything is completely managed by Rafiky, and planned in advance. The number of possible languages involved is up to 60 for a single event. Amazing, isn’t it?! 60 remote interpreters connected, each equipped with its own web conferencing tools, and addressed to a small circle of guests.

Sign language and “interpreter panel”

The “interpreter panel” is not visible to the participants, who instead only hear the translation in language made by the linguist, if the language gap is to be filled.

Rafiky doesn’t want to leave anyone behind. That is the reason why it can give a touch of more inclusiveness to the online meeting, by adding interpreting for sign language. The sign language interpreter will always be visible to deaf users. Not only the word but also the sound can sometimes imply a lack of communication.

Breakout rooms during the video conference

In addition, if the customer had planned a series of topics targeted and circumscribed each to a small group of guests, Rafiky offers the opportunity to use the breakout rooms service to divide the participants into internal groups. As it happens, for live conferences. Each virtual room will have a precise list of participants and a theme to be addressed, also with the intervention of the conference interpreter.

Your logo in view on the screen during the web conference

What’s more, there is also the possibility to choose a virtual multimedia background (photo or video) to give even more exclusivity to your event. In this direction, the Rafiky platform allows the customer to add their logo or brand to the screen of the event in web conferencing. This detail shows the attention Rafiky pays towards his client in defense of his identity and his brand awareness.

Without considering the fact that to organize a video conference on Rafiky there is no need for long advance or bulky interpreting tools. The platform is so practical and functional, that you just have any electronic device and a stable internet connection. You can start your event online, from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day.

Rafiky web conferencing app

To best match the latest trends and meet the habits of users, Rafiky has also programmed the Rafiky app, one of the most used mobile-friendly web conferencing apps chosen by web users. All at your fingertips!

Why choose two platforms, one for online meeting, one for interpreting services, when with Rafiky you can have both, in a single package, at a super affordable price?!
Rafiky is not just remote interpreting, it’s much more. We daily feel the need to improve our services, in order to propose them in a broader and more user-side perspective. We wanted to fix the world of interpreting and the world of video conferencing, to facilitate international online meetings.
What are our clients looking for? They are looking for a web conferencing platform to support online meetings with the participation of different nationalities and languages. And that’s what we’ve been thinking about. The Rafiky platform is so complete, versatile and practical that you will hardly miss it after discovering it.
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