Rafiky connect for Dyson: online event in total security

Rafiky connect for your online meeting means quality, professionalism, and precision.

There are months in which production slows down and months in which it speeds up. This period is one of those in which something’s up.

Usually, before a new product’s launch, the production company delegates the marketing managers to set up a briefing, through which they could show the very peculiarities of the product concerned.

That was the case of the event organized by Dyson on 19th and 20th April.

Telling you about the details of the event itself would go against the privacy policy, that Rafiky and Dyson strongly preserve. Cybersecurity has been an essential aspect to be considered with the aim of organizing the event. Our priority is our clients; we take care of their stories. In this regard, we engage in respecting privacy and in protecting the users involved.

Rafiky’s intervention has meant to give a virtual space where could have been possible to ensure accessibility and successful comprehension to all the participants of different nationalities. In fact, the company relied on Rafiky connect so that all the participants could have listened in their own language. The interpreters selected got access to the platform used by Dyson, and offered a service of remote interpretation in English, Italian and French.

In that meaning, we would like to thank the interpreters: Bruno Musarra e MariaChiara Pecchiari for the translation from English to Italian, e Isabelle Hélaine from English to French.

Our deepest gratitude goes to Dyson, for including us again for their event. It has been a great pleasure for us to have helped to realize a top-quality event.

Waiting for the top-secret launch, stay tuned for news and upgrades!