For the event “La casa e lo spazio pubblico”, held by Fondazione Ordine Architetti PPC di Genova (FOA.GE) on 13th May, Rafiky app was meant to let interpreters provide remote interpretation services.

The event has been the second round of a series of meetings, scheduled in the context of the “Fragile” edition promoted by FOA.GE. The guest of honor, Carles Baiges from Lacol cooperation, has taken the project of La Borda co-housing in Barcelona as a reference for non-speculative models of access to economic accommodations built in accordance with individual and collective demands. Buildings architecture adopts sustainability on inspiration to popular “corralas” from central-southern Spain, through a conscious choice of materials, construction techniques, and spatial structure.

Such an important topic needs to be spread everywhere, with the aim to get mass awareness. In that direction, Rafiky app has facilitated the activities of remote interpreting services, from English to Italian.

Luckily, Rafiky, besides being an interpretation agency confirmed internationally, is so flexible that can also manage the integration with other web conferencing platforms very successfully. With the purpose of guaranteeing an excellent and user-side performance, attentive to his needs and requirements.

A special word of thanks goes to FOA.GE referents, Piergluigi Feltri and Mira Wasiak.

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