On May 12, 2021, one of the most famous web conferencing platforms hosted a webinar about Games Coin, of which multi-language communication was conveyed by interpreters from Congressi Internazionali working on Rafiky app.

The world of Bitcoin and blockchain is filled with projects on gaming online too. Most of the event was meant to show the most amazing peculiarities of the projects promoted about the conversion of Universe Games Coins in cash and in Alpha Games Coin, and the events going to be held in May and June 2021.

As already said, Rafiky provided promptly its platform as a virtual booth for all the interpreters already selected. On the web conferencing platform chosen for the event, there was no way for them to provide their interpretation services. In this way, thanks to the sophisticated and innovative software of Rafiky, they had been able to perform remote simultaneous interpreting services in languages such as French, German and Italian. The role of linguists and interpreters is therefore essential for making the event and its contents accessible and understandable to everyone.

Rafiky, a successful agency in the industry of remote interpreting and simultaneous translation, can claim flexibility and versatility. Indeed, for the event concerned, it has simply supplied Rafiky app, which is compatible with more and more web conferencing software.

Rafiky Press Office