Habemus hybrid events, and remote interpreting for videoconferencing

Whether it’s a physical, virtual, or hybrid event, one thing is for sure: remote interpreting for videoconferencing can be useful and practical in any case!

The rediscovery of videoconferencing

We are witnessing a radical change in the “seasonality” of residential events. With the lockdown on his heels, last year saw an annihilation of the events organized in presence, for obvious reasons. The social distance, the impossibility of interregional and international travel have contributed to a stop for the events long-awaited by the organizers and participants. Fortunately, the ability to adapt has not been lacking, even for translation and interpreting agencies. Those who, in the field of linguistic mediation, were already accustomed to providing remote interpreting services remote, simply stepped on the accelerator. While more “traditional” agencies fought to find their way to reinvention and inventiveness. Lucky for everybody, event organizers included, the digital world saved several businesses and different business plans once again.

Hybrid event: between digital and physical

However, given the new reopenings, what the experts had foreseen – and are still demonstrating – is that there would be a backfire for great old interpersonal relationships to be built on-site. The lockdown forced us to limit contact with others. Thus inhibiting the possibility of going abroad or simply to the nearest city. Now that moving is possible, the event industry can breathe again.

Despite the extreme practicality and the many benefits of digitization and the smart approach, the near future seems to pave the way for the already-tested hybrid event. The hybrid system means one half would be held in virtual mode and the other half in residential mode. This scenario would further satisfy the organizers’ objectives and the participants’ expectations.

For those who organize, the hybrid event could increase the involvement of the guests. In fact, in addition to those drawn up for the event in attendance – always taking into account the regulations about the distance and the maximum number of allowed of people in the locations – you could thus extend unlimited participation through the use of videoconferencing software. The innovative Rafiky platform has the possibility to host more than 40,000 participants in a single virtual room. With the hybrid system, exclusivity is maintained, allowing a limited circle of guests to attend the event in person. But also made more appealing, through the invitation, to a new list of web users, to participate remotely.

While those who participate live rediscover the sense of a “return to normality”, users connected to the event through the hosting platform feel involved and honored to participate in the video conference. Web conferences integrated into the physical event may come to the aid of those who, for personal or logistical reasons, cannot move to the designated location. This is especially the case for international events. One of the advantages of the digital solution lies in the ability to break down geographical barriers and manage everything with much more convenience and speed.

To overcome the linguistic and cultural gap, the intervention of native speakers is fundamental. But even here, considering the savings of stress, time, and money discovered under lockdown by the organizers of virtual events, the option of remote connection even for videoconference interpreters seems the most welcome. The beauty of remote interpreting services for video conferencing and online meetings is that they can be provided for any type of event, residential, hybrid, or totally virtual, at any time and regardless of the physical distances between the parties involved.

For you, Rafiky chooses only the best. And it chooses every day to meet the demands of its customers. The hybrid event is the trend of the year. By choosing a half-virtual and half-residential event, you choose to expand your network of guests, involving them all to your unique hybrid event. And by choosing remote interpreting in videoconferencing, you choose to involve all the participants, ensuring accessibility and targeted communication, at reasonable prices but with high quality.

Rafiky Press Office