Cybersecurity: you’re safe with Rafiky!

Consider Rafiky connect as your own place. As such, we promise, for any event set up, to defend every day your privacy on behalf of CyberSecurity.

As soon as technology has come into everyday life, we needed to supervise our exposure to the risk of privacy violation. Government entities took action in this direction by introducing sensitive-privacy regulations and laws in their main body of legislation. The topic of cybersecurity represents a geopolitical aspect too, in the meaning that national governing bodies provide the introduction of laws about that.

For instance, on 21st November 2019, the “cybersecurity legislation” entered into force in Italy as a national IT security perimeter. Law decree 133/2019 imposes an obligation to e-commerce and digital services operators to ensure security to their network and their operative systems.

Many companies and agencies relied on cloud computing providers and service organizations to manage database storage and to control app access, in their best interest and in their clients’.

On that line, Rafiky itself has been moving towards a more and more high level of computer security.

Our priority is your success. To keep on providing our digital services, we have taken all the necessary steps to minimize every single kind of direct attack (internal or external) on our network and our operative system.

Our interpretation agency takes the topic of network protection very seriously. We update the certification of network security with Iasme Consortium, so that it remains a safe haven for us and for all our users and customers.

For the purpose of tracking and proving attacks on the web, Rafiky secures the entire information machine, thanks to a subscription to one of the best cloud computing on-demand: AWS (Amazon Web Services).

In that respect, among the services included, we can benefit from specific connections: SSL/TLS (Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security) for encryption of data in transit – in and out from our cloud resources – and KMS (Key Management Service) for encryption of database, and backups.

End-to-end cryptography is guaranteed for any kind of data and for any user thanks to AWS SE storage. Sensitive-security service organizations put privacy protection first. Any web user needs to feel safe and free to surf the net, without fearing falling prey to cybercrime, such as in phishing episodes and fraud cases.

In that way, even companies and agencies retain control of security on their operative systems and software from malware and cracking through anti-virus programs meant to defend cyberspace from cyber-attacks.

We feel we have to provide services with due regard to compliance ICT. Some aspects submitted to this verification are the following: information security of personal data according to the applicable privacy legislation; software protection in accordance with copyright legislation; information and technology tools; internal policy and regulations. The program AWS cloud compliance lets us stay tuned to the best cybersecurity practices and to legislative standards on cyber protection, apart from SOC and ISO/IEC certifications.

Knowing that someone has entered your place, has checked it, putting it upside down, and taking away something precious too, is not such cool. Cyber malware does the same in a virtual dimension, rather than in a physical one.

All you can do is to secure in toto your house – your operative system – and to provide alarms and cameras system – cybersecurity programs, just as Rafiky does.

Setting up an event or a video conferencing with Rafiky on Rafiky platform is a constantly monitored and protected operation! Cybersecurity is like our middle name!

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