Introducing Simultaneous Interpreting by Rafiky 1.4

For those who have already worked with us, you have already known the power that Rafiky platform has and the way it can simplify your conferences through simultaneous interpreting. Forget having to hire different interpreters and coordinating a team that’s scattered all around the globe – if you work with us, we take care of everything. But wait, there’s more! Introducing Rafiky 1.4, the newest version of our clients’ favorite live interpreting platform. Keep on reading to find out more about all the amazing new stuff that we have implemented in this refined Rafiky version.

Simultaneous Interpreting Even More Available

That’s right, Rafiky is available on your PC, Smartphone, and Tablet. This means that even on the go, your audience can attend the awaited conference without any problem. Oh, and did we mention? Up to 10 000 viewers can part-take simultaneously. Rafiky offers over 50 language channels for simultaneous interpreting, interpreter console as well as full integration with all web conferencing platforms out there. Concretely, this means that rather than having to invest in various platforms or instead of having to pay three companies, you can leave that all up to us and make your life easier, less stressful, and your event more successful.

Much more flexible interpreting services

Rafiky 1.4 also offers much more flexibility. For example, you get to use up to five sponsor logos, meaning that you aren’t limited by just one or two, and hence that you can increase your profit margin significantly. Your audience is also provided with access to our Rafiky app, and members can chat with one another using private chat rooms. The new platform offers the option to set up breakout rooms to invite audience members to be more active listeners. On top of this, Rafiky 1.4 allows for video sharing, screen sharing, PowerPoint sharing, and even has a sign language video box to make your conference fully accessible.

Less Work for You

Organizing a conference is already enough work. It brings stress and feeling as though one mistake, such as forgetting to record the conference or the interpretations, could jeopardize your business’ success entirely. This is what we want to help you with. Our platform takes care of making online and local recordings, as well as interpreting audio recordings easier to perform. The newest version also has options to set up polls, send handouts, hold Q&As. It can help you with participant registration management, can offer reporting and analytics options to see where your business can improve, and even has a virtual hostess or steward. Finally, our newest platform version also allows for social media streaming as well as tech support available during the conference.

Of course, these are only the added benefits to the platform that many of you have already learned to love throughout the years. With Rafiky, you can offer your audience an experience like no other one. Say goodbye to the buggy, limited quality, and downright annoying lagging in the interpretation of conferences. Instead, say Hello to more efficient communication which is free of bugs and glitches– something that can easily make your already great experience a terrific one.

Rafiky Press Office