Remote interpreting – Rafiky Team proud to attend TerpSummit 2021 event

For Rafiky’s remote interpreting services, there has been a new development, in which we have been focusing on providing everyone with the toolset and skills needed to succeed. The year 2020 brought on challenges we’ve never experienced before. From the need to adapt to working from home to getting used to establishing a new remote work routine, online work and remote work have become the norm.

This is why we decided to join the TerpSummit 2021 from 11th to 13th January – we wanted to expand on that knowledge to be able to offer our clients more insights on interpretation. The event focuses on strategies to grow one’s confidence, resilience, and marketability; moreover, advice regarding self-care, tech set-ups, branding and marketing will be expanded on. Finally, of course, we will be learning more about advanced interpreting skills to refine what we can offer you – top-of-the-class simultaneous and remote interpretation. Ultimately, our goal in this event is to exchange skills and to have meaningful conversations that contribute to our and your success.

Rafiky is all about innovation, flexibility, and cost-efficiency without jeopardizing the quality of the interpretation we offer. We want to offer you scalability and a user-friendly platform as well as being open to learning more about our product and how we can improve on it is a key aspect we intend to be focusing on even more in such challenging times. As such, the TerpSummit 2021 is a great step towards that goal and one we are very excited to be a part of.

Our deepest gratitude goes to Sophie Llewellyn Smith from the TerpSummit for including us in this event.

Rafiky Press Office