Rafiky connect for a sustainable Europe – Circular Economy Action Plan

Our platform for remote interpreting Rafiky continues to depopulate in the European context: thanks to the simultaneous translation services we provide to local and international organizations, guests from all over the world can take part in the same virtual event by talking and discussing with the help of our remote interpreters, capable of translating up to 200 languages ​​simultaneously!

On September 11, in particular, a virtual seminar on environmental protection and sustainable development was held within the “Circe 2020” project, held by the deputy Paola Migliorini, of the Sustainable Production Unit of the European Commission for the environment. Within the seminar, the speaker explained to the public the characteristics of the EU Circular Economy Action Plan, a plan adopted by the Commission for the application of the circular economy, one of the main blocks of the European Green Deal, the new European agenda for sustainable growth.

The new Action Plan announces initiatives along the entire life cycle of products, aimed for example at their design, the promotion of circular economy processes, the promotion of sustainable consumption, and the objective of ensuring that the resources used are maintained in the EU economy for as long as possible. The transition to more sustainable production methods for our planet is fundamental for the survival of mankind, which is why the European Union is adopting different strategies to achieve the energy transition and more appropriate development methods.

We are proud to have assisted in the organization and success of an event of this magnitude, as well as having been able to put our remote interpreting services to the test once again, with excellent results. Guests from all over Europe participated, exchanging ideas and opinions, elaborating on new problems and solutions, without any language barrier.

Rafiky breaks down language and communication barriers, ensuring fair participation to its guests, eliminating any inconvenience due to their origin.

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