Master in Remote Interpreting

Have you studied languages ​​and would like to deepen the field of remote interpreting? Do you want to use your interpreting skills through remote simultaneous translation?

This course will suit you.

Rafiky is pleased to partner with the SSML San Domenico school for linguistic mediators within the Master in Liaison and Conference Interpreting, a whole new course that embraces the new remote work needs for mediators and interpreters.

The San Domenico Higher School for Linguistic Mediators (SSML) responded to the increasingly growing demand, from the job market, for highly specialized figures in the language sector, by qualifying itself in recent years as a reference point for higher education. The preparation of their teachers, together with the great possibilities offered by our platform for remote interpreting, will revolutionize the perception of linguistic mediation and the ways in which it has been applied so far, by opening the horizons towards the world of virtual events and remote interpretation services.

By registering, you will be followed by professors of SSML San Domenico, excellent professionals in the interpreting and simultaneous translation sector, as well as having the best technology for remote interpretation in Italy, made available by us at Rafiky.

For more information, contact the institute on their Facebook page or through the contacts found there.

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