5 tips for successful virtual events with remote interpreting

Remote interpreting is a guarantee for your international event’s success. But following the covid-19 pandemic, the need to decrease the chances of contagion has led to greatly reduce the organization of events in public, moving the organization of meetings, video conferences, and various meetings to online platforms. This was not a limitation for everyone: an online event means unlimited participants and remote interpreting, with all the benefits and positive sides of the case.

However, the “simple” organization of an online event is not enough to ensure its success, since the screens that separate the guests can act as real “barriers”, making it easy to get distracted and lose the thread of the conversation. Organizing a successful online event, therefore, involves experience in the field and knowledge of the habits of the public.

So here are 5 tips dictated by our experience for successful virtual events:

  • Shipping of gadgets

Whether it’s a keychain, a T-shirt, or a box of chocolates, attendees love free tangible goods they can amass at events. Why deny them this pleasure in the virtual equivalent? Consider collaborating with sponsors to create boxes of gadgets and send them to participants before the event starts! Sponsors can include branded materials and invitations to dates of other events to increase enthusiasm and participation, as well as “hand over” their brand to the public.

  • Host a happy hour

Along with the gadget box, mailing a recipe for the cocktail and ingredients so attendees can attend a virtual Happy Hour is a great idea to include the sponsor’s logo on the screen all the time and take the message home. Hosting separate events for attendees with similar interests will lead to smaller, more targeted, and impactful networking opportunities. All that is possible by setting up breakout rooms thanks to Rafiky.

  • Organize lunch for the participants

Another great idea is to create a custom discount code for various platforms – JustEat, UberEats, Glovo, Deliveroo, or any method for delivery to attendees. The icing on the cake: attendees save time and stay tuned to your events instead of logging out to find lunch and never come back. Supporting local businesses is an added incentive for such an enjoyable time.

  • Get them moving

Do not let fried air pass between one session and another. Think about every second of your content, including gaps that can occur in downtime or as a segment transition. That entertainment or that playlist can be sponsored. For large-scale events, even organizing yoga or meditation sessions conducted by qualified professionals is a great idea, which allows participants to take a break and relax. Offer these mini-events as a sponsorship opportunity.

  • Share rewards during sessions

Create bingo games or digital treasure hunts for your audience. These can be managed by a sponsor and have a prize provided by the sponsor up for grabs. During the event, sponsors can hand out virtual passes such as those for Spotify or other relevant goodies for the public, adds Doyle. The sponsor’s brand could unlock the code for online use.

Virtual events offer unlimited opportunities for participants to be engaged because moments of pleasure can be tailored to the interests of the audience. The rules for a successful virtual event are being rewritten – take this opportunity to delight and further involve your attendees in a new way and by creating lasting brand loyalty!

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