The remote interpreting continues to grow

The Rafiky network is expanding thanks to the opening of 50 rafiky hubs throughout the country.

Remote interpreting is now a real professional opportunity for thousands of remote translation operators all over the world.

Thanks to the many advantages offered by remote interpretation, more and more people are choosing Rafiky’s professional services.

Rafiky therefore means, in addition to an excellent level of services at decidedly competitive costs, significant repercussions in terms of employment for all those interpreters who can finally make their skills available from wherever they are.

But the dynamism of Rafiky and the world of remote interpretation does not stop there.

From today, in fact, thanks to Rafiky and its remarkable expansion, interpreters who focus on remote interpretation to grow professionally, have a new opportunity.

Do you want to know which one? Read on and find out how important you can become to Rafiky.

Rafiky’s remote interpreting opens 50 hubs throughout the country

What does it mean? Once again we are talking about an additional opportunity offered to the network of professionals who have decided to finally give value to their skills with Rafiky. A rafiky hub is a physical space available to remote translators where they will be able to access numerous services and technological equipment. A comfortable working environment in which to interact directly and in pairs with other translators.

Rafiky thus opens 50 hubs, ensuring its presence in all Italian capitals.

But what is needed to become a Rafiky hub? The technological equipment is very simple. An internet connection of course, whose requirements are verifiable on the Rafiky website. A professional microphone directly connectable to the Ethernet network and professional headphones.

In short, a great opportunity that adds to the many already available thanks to remote interpreting.

If you are an interpreter and you are interested in knowing which spaces can be opened thanks to remote interpreting, you just have to write to Rafiky and find out how to become part of the most innovative network of remote translations.