Simultaneous remote interpretation for non-profit organizations

Simultaneous remote interpretation (or simultaneous remote interpretation) is becoming increasingly necessary: ​​our globalized and interconnected society leads us to have relationships with many realities, some of which are profoundly different from ours.

The first is undoubtedly the language, the only means that allows people to communicate. In fact, communication is the basis of any human relationship. Just take a look at the world to understand it: if we have come to have what we have it is because we have all collaborated with each other, communicating our ideas to each other.

As long as it is a matter of collaborating with people who speak our own language, the problem does not arise, but what happens if your interlocutor is a native speaker and does not know ours?

Simultaneous remote interpretation: non-profit organizations.

Simultaneous remote interpretation plays a key role for all non-profit missions of high humanitarian purpose. Unfortunately, some countries do not enjoy a relatively good situation like that of western countries: here is the need to help them in a concrete way.

It seems obvious to say this, but to help people living in certain realities it is essential to communicate, both with them and with their local administrations, rather than with international organizations.

Very often the topics covered are really delicate, such as: politics, economics, finance and medicine. Simultaneous remote (or remote) interpretation services are the only means of communication between the right people who will have to work on a concrete solution.

Is simultaneous remote interpretation synonymous with translation?

Before looking at the issue of simultaneous remote interpretation for non-profit organizations in detail, it is worth mentioning this particular activity. Why do we use the word “interpretation” and not translation? The reason is very simple.

The term “translation” refers to the literal transposition of a word or phrase into another language. On the contrary, the term “interpretation” indicates a translation in a broader sense.

Each language has its own particular nuances that could not be understood with the literal translation. This only means one thing: inability to communicate. Obviously everything always depends on the type of communication, but in certain cases, especially the most delicate ones, the utmost accuracy is a must.

Simultaneous remote interpretation in non-profit organizations.

Think, for example, of the conferences of non-profit organizations which deal with the problem of undernutrition in developing countries. In this case the technical skills to put all the participants in communication must be impeccable.

This is not only from a linguistic point of view, but also technically. If the subject of the conference or conference is of a medical-scientific nature, the interpreter must also be able to translate and contextualize specific concepts of that specific discipline. The same thing also applies to political or diplomatic issues.

In other words, simultaneous remote interpretation is such a delicate job precisely because of the peculiarities of each individual topic or theme to be treated.

Simultaneous remote interpretation: our contribution to non-profit organizations.

We at Rafiky are leaders in remote interpretation: thanks to our services, we have put many realities in communication with enormous satisfaction from everyone. At the same time, we are also aware of the fact that not only economic and professional successes count in life.

Solidarity must be the pillar of the entire human society and for this reason we have decided to apply the 50% discount to all non-profit organizations that need to use our platform. In practice, we only ask for coverage of the costs for using the Server.

The eternal humanitarian emergencies afflicting the world do not seem to be destined to cease very soon, so it is imperative to try to help as much as possible all those who, with their commitment, play a role in the front line.

Non-profit organization? Ask for the 50% discount now.

As if things weren’t difficult enough, 2020 will be remembered as the year of COVID19. Many countries are experiencing a real forced lockdown, and simultaneous remote interpretation is the only solution for carrying out humanitarian projects.

It is true that certain situations require the physical presence of people, but others do not. Among these there is undoubtedly the organizational aspect.

Thanks to our remote simultaneous interpretation services you will always be able to communicate with all your partners and collaborators without having to physically move.

Humanitarian projects cannot wait, and we at Rafiky also want to do our part: take advantage of the 50% discount that we offer to all non-profit organizations.

E. Castelli
Rafiky marketing office