Remote interpreting in the service of the institutions

Rafiky confirms its vocation as an increasingly reliable partner of public and private institutions, for remote interpreting

Another success for the world of remote translation. The umpteenth demonstration of how remote interpreting services are now essential for those whose aim is to internationalize their institutional relations, the success of the conference organized by the Institute for Bioeconomy in collaboration with the National Research Council (Cnr).

As always, Rafiky has deployed his best resources – in this case it was the talented interpreters Federica Parricchi, Maura Cappelli and Luisa Bertolotto – in addition to the excellence of its technological infrastructures.

In this sense, the words of Matilde S. (post doctoral fellow Institute for bioeconomy – National Research Council) are emblematic. Regarding the event, she thanked “Marco and Edoardo for the very interesting RafikyConnect experience, which I recommend to everyone for any future events in addition to the professionals who followed us “.

The networking of these professional resources is allowing us to enter a new era of remote events. No longer a fallback, but a solution to be privileged not only with a view to a renewed construction of events, but also in a perspective that will increasingly see the need to optimize the available resources.

Those who know this sector know how remote translations work, and appreciate more and more the great organizational flexibility that the use of online interpreting services allows to obtain.

There are no logistical limitations and all of this can be managed in a very agile way directly from its operational offices, bypassing the need to deal with the setting up of rooms and conference spaces.

Rafiky remote interpreting for public and private institutions

It is not the first time that the remote translation services provided by Rafiky have found the appreciation of their partners. And that of the Institute for Bioeconomy is only the last case, in chronological order, of a history of excellence and innovation.

Indeed, Rafiky’s experience is able to modulate its remote interpreting services, based on the specific needs represented by its public and private customers. Being able to focus on the institutional or internal nature of the events to follow.

The network of professionals who have chosen to collaborate with Rafiky to enhance their professionalism is expanding more and more, and the constant satisfaction rate of the subjects who have chosen the remote interpretation services of Rafiky, testifies to the very high level of preparation.

Rafiky Press Office