Rafiky enters film industry with remote interpreting

Great success at the Ischia Film Festival for the conference organized in collaboration with the well-known remote interpreting services company in the entertainment industry.

It is one of the most popular summer events. Of those for which dozens of stars from all over the world mobilize every year. The Ischia Film Festival also had a conference that was held remotely thanks to the remote interpreting services offered by Rafiky.

The parterre of the guests who connected with the conference was, as always, up to expectations. Among the protagonists present, Chiara Valenti Homer, Michelangelo Messina, Maurizio Gemma, Anna Olivucci, Daniela Kirchner.

The impeccable organization, thanks also to the excellent work of the Ischia Film festival team in collaboration with remote interpreters of Rafiky, Juliana De Angelis and Gabrielle Piscopo, has created an interesting exchange at a distance.

Rafiky broadens its operational horizons

The opportunity offered by the Ischia film festival has once again confirmed Rafiky’s great potential and the extreme versatility of his services. The remote control of various activities is accelerating the growth of the remote interpreting industry and Rafiky, thanks to its network of collaborators, is proving excellence in this area, capable of modulating itself on the basis of the needs requested from time to time.

Logistic flexibility and a high level of available professionalism are the basis of a rapidly growing organization, capable of attracting more and more professionals and, at the same time, increasingly able to enter different market segments. In fact, it is a matter of grasping and giving effective answers to the numerous and new needs that are emerging.

From this point of view, the remote interpreting industry makes no difference. The need to shorten the distances, that have been dilated by the restrictive conditions imposed all over the world, has revealed the absolute need to find new tools, capable of putting together technology and skills. Rafiky is getting ready to take on this new challenge and, what happened during the Ischia Film Festival, is just another demonstration that remote translations are now a must for anyone who does not want to give up an international breadth.

E. Castelli
Rafiky marketing office