In a world that is now expanding globally thanks to remote interpreting, we know Rafiky’s development team better!

What is Rafiky and where does the idea of ​​Rafiky come from?

Rafiky is a remote interpreting platform that allows any customer to make a call with different interlocutors. The idea was born from our desire to connect the world and break down language barriers.

How does Rafiky work?

An account is created on our platform, for the first time in Italy, developed entirely by us, both for customers and for interpreters, then the customer can select the conference in which he wants to participate and the listening language, and here it is! The game is done!

Is the number of accesses to the platform unlimited?

Sure. Both as regards access to our platform, and as regards access to the conference.

Does the platform allow you to share files as well as the screen during the event? Is it also possible to record individual sessions?

Yes, the platform allows you to do both screen sharing and to share files and presentations.

It is then possible to make both video and audio recording in original, in all the languages ​​for which we have provided interpreting during the conference. They require additional costs which we will of course add during the estimate phase.


There are multiple factors that explain why it is convenient to adopt this type of interpreting to date: firstly, the first, which stems from our corporate mission to safeguard our planet, secondly, avoid the movement of people and tools (interpreters, booths …).

Moreover, thanks to Rafiky, costs can be reduced by 50 to 80 percent.

Our idea is to use technology to guarantee a service equal to traditional interpreting, if not of even higher quality.

When is it convenient to adopt simultaneous remote interpreting?

By now, we believe that traditional interpreting is outdated.

Simultaneous remote interpreting is therefore the best solution for all events that have the possibilities and requirements mentioned above.

Do you deal with both OTP and VRI? How does the platform work for these two features?

Rafiky’s platform belongs to the category of simultaneous interpreting, that is VRI.

As for the OTP (telephone interpreting), we are developing a new platform that we hope to be able to complete and present by the end of 2020.

If the client wants to use their interpreters, do you provide specific training?

Absolutely yes and above all without additional costs, as never before in Italy.

Our aim is in fact, to make our platform accessible to as many interpreters as possible: firstly on our platform it is possible to find video tutorials, secondly our development team remains fully available for the specific training of each single interpreter who feels the need, for which a certificate is issued by our company.

With regards to technical support, is this a continuous monitoring or do you foresee a different modality of assistance? What is the technician’s role?

The role of our technicians is to make sure that the event takes place in the best way, thanks to continuous monitoring. He turns out to be a real monitor, both as regards interpreting and as regards the audience present in the room.

Do you have interpreters available 24/7 for special requests? For which language combinations?

Without any doubt! Our interpreters are always available.

We translate from and into more than 200 languages, thanks to our 6000 interpreters, whom we have selected and continue to select carefully to ensure the best interpreting service in the sector. We are also available in more than 60 countries, both in the public and private sectors.


Because we use the safest servers on the market (the Amazon servers), very important when it comes to conferences that need a certain standard of privacy; then we have the best prices on the market, being an independent platform and finally for quality: in this too we are the best in the sector.

So, simultaneous interpreting remotely, remote present or future?

Remote interpreting certainly represents the present and the future, especially in the period we are going through. Obviously we will try to improve our platform, to always be projected towards the future.

E. Castelli
Rafiky marketing office