Can you revolutionize the world of an interpreter agency by making it practically zero cost?

The answer is yes, with Rafiky of course.

Federal law requires medical interpreters to be provided free of charge in the United States for patients with the limited English language.

Over 25.9 million Americans claim to speak English “not very well”.

This equates to 9% of the total American population. To date, therefore, communication challenges are more frequent than ever. Carolinas Healthcare System (CHS), a non-profit healthcare system with over 900 care centers, has pioneered a communication strategy for the treatment of patients with poor knowledge of English (LEP).

This allowed them to save over $ 1.5 million in annual interpreter expenses while maintaining high levels of patient satisfaction, even without an on-site interpreter agency.

Historically, there were two main methods of interpretation used in the health sector: on-site interpretation and telephone interpretation.

But these had many disadvantages: on-site interpreters are much more expensive, while telephone communication is of poor quality.

So the solution to make the interpreter agency almost at no cost is …

Simultaneous remote interpreting!

It combines the advantages of on-site and telephone interpretation in the following ways:

primarily for immediacy.

In fact, a device can reach interpreters who know hundreds of languages ​​at any time.

Within a year, these agencies’ expenses went from $ 3 million to $ 1.5 million.

While 1.5 million in terms of cost prevention are the most notable result of the widespread use of VRI by CHS, it is only part of the results obtained by the transition.

In addition to cost savings, CHS has anecdotal evidence that patient satisfaction has increased, especially among patients with hearing problems, who could not have afforded telephone interpretation.

Remote simultaneous interpreting has in fact completely changed the way CHS communicates with patients. With patient care a key part of the decision to increase VRI technology, monetary savings have been an unprecedented bonus.

Through a dedication to new and innovative technology, CHS has been able to benefit both its patients and their pockets.

Are you still undecided then? Choose our interpreter agency. Adopt Rafiky!

Reducing the cost of an interpreter agency is therefore possible if remote simultaneous interpreting is adopted.

Furthermore, with the Rafiky platform, developed totally independently from the other agencies, the costs are practically zero.

Compared to a normal interpreter agency, Rafiky allows you to reduce costs by 80% while maintaining the quality of traditional interpreting.

Very easy to use (just a smartphone and a PC are enough), fast (interpreters connect at any time from anywhere in the world), effective, attentive to the environment (no consoles or equipment or cabins are needed anymore), and cost reduction Rafiky is the one for you.

If you are still undecided about your choice, you just have to try our remote simultaneous interpreting!

E. Castelli
Rafiky marketing office