Cities4apprentices: Rafiky connects the mayors of the European capitals of apprenticeship

Remote interpreting for institutions

The first of a series of webinars took place on 11 June, dedicated to developing the European network of cities for apprenticeships and topics related to the development of skills, work and the role of the territories.

The event, chaired by Virginia Raggi, mayor of the metropolitan city of Roma Capitale who is the lead subject of the cities4apprentices project network, was, among the various reasons worth highlighting, an occasion to confirm the importance of an instrument like Rafiky.

Thanks to Rafiky and his remote interpreting services, in fact, it was possible, even in such a delicate moment, to allow the connection between the mayors of different European cities, who were able to dialogue thanks to the simultaneous remote translation service, both in English and French, guaranteed by the interpreters of Rafiky.

A team success

Again, the people of Rafiky were the voices that united and canceled the linguistic distances.

In particular, special thanks go to Vera Panno and Antonino Sicari, among the Rafiky interpreters of the institutional meeting, and to the whole team of Aspen congressi .  Without forgetting Elisabetta and Stefano who took care of the technical part of the connection. In short, an event that, like all successes, is a team result that once again has put people and their ability to create value and precious professional synergies at the center.

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Rafiky has confirmed once again that it is not simply a very useful app, but an effective response for all institutional realities that aim to create real-time connections between people, projects and ideas of international scope.

Thanks to Rafiky’s simultaneous translation service, it is now possible to overcome those barriers represented not only by territorial distances, but also by the social distances imposed by the current health emergency, and which, in all likelihood, will continue for a long time as a condition natural for all events involving the simultaneous participation of several people.

Rafiky is today an opportunity to create value, an essential work tool, an indispensable professional resource to be discovered.