All of us are afraid of the advent of new technologies such as video interpreting, introduced a few years ago but which has now become a fundamental resource in the sector.

This, however, as always happens when we talk about new technologies or systems that we do not yet know well, leads us all to be quite skeptical about the product with which we are about to compare or that we would like to choose. In fact, one often comes to wonder if video interpreting represents a truly secure platform as they say. We know that during some meetings, especially those of a political or business type, information is exchanged that should be considered completely secret, such as sensitive or confidential information.

So, if when we are face to face with an interpreter we are sure that he has previously signed a confidentiality contract, are we sure that during the video interpreting our information is not put at risk?

Rafiky represents an anchor in the video interpreting sector.

The answer is therefore yes, with Rafiky, the best platform for simultaneous remote interpreting. First of all, our company uses the best servers for security. In fact, we use Amazon servers.

Secondly, our interpreters use computers issued by the company for encrypted communications. Interpreters do not have access to our systems when interpreting online. The information necessary to carry out their work is provided through a private or encrypted circuit.

In addition, we make sure that at the end of the conference via video, all the notes and notes taken on paper by our interpreters are completely destroyed to ensure that even in this case your information with us remains completely safe.

We cannot recommend which web conferencing system is suitable, since online systems such as Skype and Zoom are not made for video interpretation. They are not safe and reliable, on the contrary, they are suitable only for domestic use.

That’s why the Rafiky team has developed a platform specially built for you, easy to use but above all effective, and does not use anything else.

Rafiky, the platform that’s right for you.

The presence of these quality and safety measures allows us to recruit the best interpreters in our team, regardless of where they are. In turn, this allows us to offer our customers access to more than 200 languages, while ensuring that our connection times in video interpreting remain among the fastest in the industry. Finally, these measures allow us to ensure that our customers’ data is safe and secure.

Urgent or non-urgent situations often require the use of remote interpreters to meet linguistic support needs. On demand support means having access when you need it and we at Rafiky provide on demand access to professional interpreters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

For this reason, if you need a secure platform, which guarantees you the best video interpreting service in the field, Rafiky is for you.