Simultaneous remote translation: the most suitable solution for change is called Rafiky

Simultaneous remote translation: the most suitable solution for change is called Rafiky

Simultaneous remote translation is probably the most advanced frontier for those who, in this complex phase, have to deal with the organization of international events and meetings.

In fact, it represents not only a concrete solution to the limitations that are redefining the organization and the holding of public events between now and the next few months, but also a very interesting opportunity to optimize the current remote communication channels.

Thanks to videocall interpreting, for example, many activities that are now remote-controlled, will be able to extend their reach to an international dimension, guaranteed by remote interpreting services.

Why does Rafiky work?

Let’s take a closer look at how Rafiky works and its simultaneous remote translations, and what is due to the success of a formula that is radically changing the world of remote simultaneous translations.

Rafiky works not only because it guarantees the high levels of professionalism of its translators, but also and above all, for the considerable technological investments that support this platform and that make it particularly appreciated by professionals.

From this point of view, Rafiky offers interpreters numerous tools to facilitate and expand the opportunities of their work:

from the possibility of working in relay, to systems of real time connections with other interpreters through special chat services.

Maximum system security and great customer focus

Those who turn to Rafiky to receive the skills of a remote interpreter, to be able to count on a considerable degree of attention from different points of view.

Never as at this time, connection security is at the center of the needs above all for those involved in sharing content and conversations, and it is for this reason that Rafiky – whose platform is integrated with the main group video call apps such as Zoom, Team Microsoft, Gotmeeting or Webex – takes care of guaranteeing computer security protocols with very high standards. During a simultaneous remote translation session with Rafiky therefore, you can look certified that the conversations have not been violated or be subject to hacker attacks.

The assistance package is also very large, guaranteeing customers a 24/7 technical support service for the duration of the event, offering on a larger scale, an account manager exclusively dedicated to managing their remote interpreting activities on Rafiky.